Success Story
Success Story

Beem It drives 98% better active usage by partnering with Snapchat


better at driving active usage of app than competitors


lower CPI vs. competitors


of total installs/acquisitions driven by Snapchat campaign

The Story
The Beem It app allows users to make payments that are instant, free to use, and have bank-grade security and control, regardless of the user’s bank. The app links to smartphone contacts allowing customers to send, request or split payments “in a few taps” without the need for bank details or a PayID. With the launch of the new app, Beem It came to Snapchat in search of a way to efficiently drive installs of the app to their millennial audience, at reliable scale.
The Solution
With their new app launch, Beem It’s main goal was to get as many users as possible to become “payment ready.” In an effort to reach an audience who would take action immediately, Beem It used Snap Ads with the Swipe Up attachment to enable users to easily download the app and enter their payment details. By working with Snapchat’s creative strategists, Beem It learned that 6 second video creative performed best with their audience and implemented different versions of this creative to appeal to their 18-34 year old demographic. Beem It also followed the Snapchat best practice of utilizing influencer talent with purposeful sound in their creative to give their ads an endemic look and feel, which further resonated with their audience and increased conversions.
The Result
Ultimately, Beem It saw their overall cost per install drop 75% from Aug to Oct by leveraging Snapchat’s creative best practices and creating ads that appealed best to their audience. Beem It believes that by combining strong creative, targeting the right audience and using the right platform, they achieved results with Snapchat that were unprecedented.

"As one of our best performing channels, we know our millennial audience live and breathe on Snapchat so it’s important that we are always delivering the best possible creative to drive downloads and app usage. Having the internal creative team at Snapchat provide recommendations helped boost our results which has been invaluable. The team at Snapchat are a trusted partner of Beem It and we constantly feel supported"

Louisa Galligani, PR & Social Media Director