At Home with Snapchat: Alsaif Gallery’s Successful Pre-Ramadan Strategy


of sales were driven by Story Ads


Return on Investment


ROAS Pre-Ramadan

The Story

In keeping with its mission to stay ahead of the game, household retailer Alsaif Gallery placed a clearly defined goal at the root of its Ramadan marketing strategy: drive the highest amount of sales in the run-up to the season by engaging with shoppers before other retailers launched their offers.

Hoping to target millennials across the Gulf region – with a specific focus on Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait – Alsaif Gallery wanted to push a preparatory narrative in the month prior to Ramadan. From food preparation and serving to general hosting, the brand set out to remind shoppers that being ready for the period requires substantial forward planning.

And that’s where Snapchat came in. Needing to engage young shoppers within a limited time frame, Alsaif Gallery partnered with Snap in order to reach its target audience, encourage engagement with its products and ultimately drive shoppers to take advantage of its Ramadan offers.

The Solution: Multi-Product Approach

As website conversion was the main objective of the pre-Ramadan campaign, Alsaif Gallery leveraged Snap Ads, Story Ads and Dynamic Ads to ensure a higher reach – thereby driving further engagement and more sales over a limited time.

The multi-product approach, which targeted prospective and lookalike customers before implementing a retargeting approach, meant the brand’s campaign with Snapchat ultimately exceeded its previous performance by driving a better Return on Investment.

The Result

Alsaif Gallery utilised Snapchat Ads to ensure reach and engagement – a move that proved particularly successful. By leveraging the Burst Campaign in March 2021 and running through the first half of Ramadan, the retailer saw revenue increase considerably in comparison to previous months, with more than 3.5X Return on Investment 1 and 6.5X ROAS Pre-Ramadan.

The multi-product, direct-reach approach resulted in higher reach and engagement, meaning that Alsaif Gallery boosted its Return on Investment. And with 45% of sales driven through Story Ads, the retailer made the decision to continue using the Snap product. 3

Alsaif Gallery’s pre-Ramadan partnership with Snapchat ultimately allowed the retailer to reach and engage millennials with enough time to drive website conversion.

"The general secret of ad success comes from optimizing and monitoring closely, however, with the Snapchat platform, we didn't require a lot of hands-on optimization! The platform is superb, and the Snapchat team are fantastic and we were able to achieve an aggregated 3x ROAS for the entire campaign duration and an amazing 6.5x ROAS for the pre-ramadan Sales while maintaining an excellent CPO. Thanks Snapchat!"

- Ahmed Fahmy, Digital Marketing Manager

Snapchat can help your small, medium or large business grow.

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