Success Story
Success Story

ALJ Toyota used Snapchat AR and Video formats to drive Purchase


Lift in Message Awareness among males


Leads to purchase


Of all leads generated

The Story

Abdulatif Jameel and Snapchat teamed up to drive awareness for the launch of the 2019 Toyota Corolla Hybrid in KSA. The aim was to create hype around the new car, drive leads to the website, drive visits to the showroom and eventually convert to sales. The campaign consisted of Snap Ads, Story Ads and a World Lens.

The Solution: Lens, Snap Ads and Story Ads

With an objective to highlight the car's new features and allow Snapchatters to virtually experience it before visiting the showroom, ALJ and Snapchat created a product trial Lens unveiling the car from all angles. A call to action button drove the users to ALJ website.

In parallel to the Lens, ALJ ran Story Ads to further inform the audience on the car’s specs and features. The campaign was also extended through Snap Ads, inviting the audience to request quotes on the website.

The Results

The campaign proved to be highly effective in driving full funnel metrics. Among males, Snapchat drove a lift in ad awareness of +23pp and a lift in message awareness of +17pp. The campaign drove 73,580 visitors to the website out of which 38% were new visitors to the website. Ultimately, the campaign drove 1,323 leads (53% of all leads) to purchase (people filling a form to purchase the car).

With the use of the latest performance ad units we were able to deliver beyond engagement metrics. More than 50% of the overall lead forms came from Snapchat. The results have exceeded our expectations and we look forward to a long term partnership with Snapchat as a key performance pillar of ALJ Toyota acquisition strategy

Wissam Haddad, Associate Director at Performics
1 Snap Brand Lift, September 2019
2 Client Internal Data