Success Story
Success Story

Acorns drove conversion with Snap Ads


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The Story

Acorns — a new service that makes it easy to invest your spare change — has historically received its best advertising returns on mobile platforms with a large, young, and tech-savvy audience. So for their next mobile advertising campaign, Acorns looked to launch one that would increase both brand awareness and app installs.

The Creative Solution: Snap Ads App Install

Acorns’ Snap Ads App Install campaign garnered one of the company’s highest views-to-install ratios ever. Despite initial reservations about the differences between Snapchat’s playful experience and the general perception of a “finance” app, Acorns overcame that gap with Top Snaps that showcased how fun and easy Acorns is to use. Acorns also used Snapchat’s targeting capabilities to reach lookalikes and Snapchatters 25 and older, driving a 13% higher conversion rate among its target audience. 

The Results

“Per impression, Snapchat results in 38% more installs than the next best app install platform. This proves that the real estate within Snapchat is significantly more valuable and that the Snapchat audience has a high degree of intent when consuming content on the platform.”  – Manning Field, Chief Commercial Officer