Success Story
Success Story

Ace & Tate sees 77% higher conversion rates on its home try-ons compared to other channels


Paid ad impressions


higher conversion rate on home try-ons


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The Story

Ace & Tate used Snap Ads to test a series of different messaging and creative approaches. The main objective of the campaign was to increase qualified website visits and increase the amount of Home Try-On orders for their glasses which was successfully achieved.

The Solution: Snap Ads

Ace & Tate used Snapchat's vertical video ads featuring two types of creative themes:

  1. Showcasing product focussed videos

  2. Featuring native videos shot by friends of brand

The latter turned out to deliver best results - short and interactive videos triggered interest and showed how the Home Try-On box looked in real-life. It captured the entire experience of ordering Home Try-On to your house in a way that was far better than polished product visuals. This particular example was shot by one of Ace & Tate's ambassadors - Samio Renelda.