Access Global Audiences With Multi-Country Targeting

With multi-country targeting, you can bundle all of your addressable markets into one ad set and target these users. Easily test and scale your account within one campaign for multiple markets.

How to Target Multiple Markets

  1. Enter the “Advanced Create” flow to begin building your global campaigns.

  2. Select your advertising objective. You can use multi-country targeting with all advertising objectives.

  3. In the location section of the targeting section, select countries and the targetable countries for your brand.

Pro Tip: If your business accepts multiple currencies and you need to report in multiple currencies, ensure to set up new ad accounts with the correct currency instead of using multi-country targeting.

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Benefits of Using Multi-Country Targeting

Creation and management

Expand your advertising audience reach across multiple countries, all within one ad set.

Budgeting and reach

Optimize against your bid type, objective, or by country to help allocate your budget.

Improved performance

Optimize performance by targeting users most likely to convert across multiple countries, and honing in on age, gender, and more.

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FAQs for Going Global With Multi-Country Targeting

How does pacing work for multi-country targeted ad sets? 

We take into account multiple factors when looking at pacing globally. Timezone of the ad account and app traffic patterns help us identify the best way to pace multi-country targeted ad sets.

Can I target globally? 

Yes, but all creatives must be in English or there must be explicit language targeting overlaid.

Can I bulk upload countries? 

Yes. Countries will be added as an option to bulk upload (note: this is not the same as the bulk spreadsheet). If you want to bulk upload addresses, state/region, metros, postal codes, or point radius, you must do this by country. 

Will delivery be even across the countries that are targeted together? 

Not necessarily. Delivery will focus on efficiencies against the bid type that you have selected. If you are running on GBB for swipes, we will do our best to find the most efficient swipes, regardless of the countries that you are running toward. This means that delivery may not be even across all of your targeted countries. If you want ad sets to have an even-budget distribution across countries, we recommend breaking out each country as its own ad set.

Will delivery insights have a breakout by countries if I target them together? 

Yes. Country dropdown is currently available in the delivery insights .csv export.