Drive Leads with Snapchat Ads

Let's get started and on your way to generating more leads. Here you'll find information on:
  • Tools to help you design your ad
  • Ad formats that were built for lead generation
  • Launching your ad
  • Measuring lead generation campaigns
  • Accessing your leads in Ads Manager

Options for Ad Design

The Creative Library is where you can design and manage creatives in your account. You can also search, filter, and browse through your ads. Now let's talk about some ways you can design your ads.

Upload Original Creative

Exercise your creative freedom to upload an ad that you've designed for your business.
Snap Publisher icon

Snap Publisher

Create ads with our free tool, Snap Publisher. Design ads from scratch or use a template. Plus, you can choose from our library of stock video and images!

Ad Formats for Lead Generation

Lead Generation campaigns are available for Single Image and Video Ads and purchased under the Lead Generation objective with Swipe Up bid.

Single Image or Video Ads

Single Image or Video Ads are full screen ads that can be used for many objectives. Simply add an attachment and enable Snapchatters to swipe up and take action.

Native Lead Forms

The Lead Form attachment is designed to increase form conversion rates by prioritizing a fast-loading, native design with auto-filled form fields directly from Snapchatters’ profiles. The entire sign up flow happens on-platform, reducing friction.

Campaign Setup

When creating a campaign in Ads Manager, choose Advanced Create and select the 'Lead Generation' objective. Then input the rest of your Campaign details. 

Advanced Create

Snapchat’s Advanced Create workflow lets you create multiple ad sets with more advanced targeting and bidding capabilities. You can also leverage the Snap Pixel to help measure the impact of your campaigns and optimize accordingly.

Ads Manager: Snapchat’s self-serve advertising platform

Launch ads, test creative, build reports, and optimize towards swipe ups - all in one place.
Lead Forms are measured with an Ad Engagement metric called ‘Leads’, which is the total number of Snapchat users that swipe up, fill out the required fields, and hit ‘Submit’ on Lead Form attachments. If a user swipes down or cancels before hitting “Submit”, this will not be counted as a Lead, and data will not be shared with the advertiser. Because Leads are recorded as an engagement event that occurs when a Snapchatter clicks the button on a Lead Form, it is not tied to post-view and post-swipe attribution windows like Pixel Sign Ups (rather, it is viewed as a singular in-app event).
The metrics that will be available in Ads Manager are: 
  • Total Leads 
  • Cost per Lead 
To access these metrics from the 'Manage Ads' tab, select 'Columns.'
From the pop-up window, check 'Leads' and 'Cost per Lead.' 
When Leads have been captured, select 'Download Leads' from any Native Lead Gen campaign in the tab.

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