How to Create a Collection Ad

Collection Ads are a shoppable ad format that showcases your latest or best-selling products, giving Snapchatters a frictionless way to shop and buy.

How to Create a Collection Ad

Follow these steps to get Collection Ads up and running.

  1. Use the global navigation in the top left corner of Ads Manager to click the “Creative Library” option, followed by “New Creative” and then choose “Collection Ad” as your ad type.

  2. Design your ad by completing the open fields and uploading your image or video.

  3. Select 3 or 4 thumbnails for your Collection Ad, available for all attachment types.

  4. Click “Publish” to save the Collection Ad to your creative library. You will then have the option to select it when creating a campaign.

Improve Online Sales With Collection Ads

Learn more about Collection Ads and how they can boost conversions.

Collection Ads are Single Image or Video Ads with four tappable tiles to highlight multiple products at once.

  • Feature new or top-selling products pulled directly from your catalog.

  • Give Snapchatters a frictionless way to browse and buy.

  • Dynamically generate Collection Ad tiles based on the product set selected and audience targeted.

Pro Tip: Automatically create your Collection Ad from products within your catalog, or manually upload a custom image or video with dynamic tiles from your product catalog.

Benefits of Dynamic Collection Ads

Automate some or all of your Collection Ad directly from the product catalog with dynamically-generated tiles. 

Showcase your products efficiently

Serve highly-relevant product information to a broader audience of prospective customers.

Personalize ads with relevant products

Share personalized product options based on previous site actions taken by Snapchatters.

Target the right audiences

Connect with optimal audiences by syncing based on prospecting or retargeting goals.

Create a Collection Ad

FAQs for Building Collection Ads

How do Collection Ads showcase your product efficiently?

Collection Ads let you share relevant product options to a broader audience of prospective customers.

How do I showcase only relevant products?

You can present Snapchatters with relevant product options to purchase based on previous site or app actions, helping you create personalized experiences. 

Can I still target the right audiences?

Collection Ads can help you target new and existing audiences through prospecting and retargeting.