Understanding Snapchat Parents in Saudi Arabia with Kantar

Parents in Saudi Arabia use Snapchat to communicate with their family and friends and engage with brands. Snap worked with Kantar to conduct survey research to better understand these Snapchat Parents. A ten minute online survey was fielded by Kantar in January 2021 to eight hundred Saudi Arabian parents who use social media. Participants were asked about how they collaborate on purchase decisions as a family and their thoughts toward advertising. Kantar also analyzed their COVID-19 Barometer dataset, which is an ongoing survey tracking attitude and behavior changes since the start of the pandemic. 
Most parents in Saudi Arabia use Snapchat
Almost 3 out of 4 people with kids in Saudi Arabia use Snapchat. This positions Snapchat as a powerful and scalable way for brands to reach and communicate with parents as well as their teenage and adult children. 
Snapchat Parents have a positive relationship with advertising
Advertising plays a meaningful role in the purchase decisions of Snapchat Parents. Across product categories, on average, over 80% of Snapchat Parents state advertising influences their purchase decisions, with the lowest rate of influence being 75% in the travel category and the highest being 88% in the clothing category.
More than 9 in 10 Snapchat Parents take some action after seeing an ad that interests them; this is inclusive of clicking on an ad directly (46%), reading product reviews online (47%), or asking friends and family members (53%). In addition, almost 9 out of 10 Snapchat Parents feel positively about the advertising that they see on Snapchat. Coupling Snapchat Parents’ receptivity to advertising with their positive feelings toward the advertising they see on Snapchat can result in strong results for advertisers. 
Family dynamics matter
Children play an important role in purchase decisions that parents make on behalf of their household. A majority of Snapchat parents claim their children influence their purchase decisions in some way, with parents of older children claiming their kids exert more influence over their purchase decisions. 
We also observe Snapchat Parents who have teenage or adult children living at home rely on their children to make purchase decisions directly on behalf of the household. Adult children tend to shop on behalf of their household more than teenage children; although, parents with teenage children rely on their teen to shop for the household regularly for technology products (61%), mobile apps and streaming services (73%), and household goods (47%).
Snapchat provides advertisers with a compelling platform to communicate with millions of Saudi Arabian parents to drive sales for and increase awareness of their business. Over 70% of parents with kids under 18 in Saudi Arabia use Snapchat, and 9 out of 10 of them feel positively about the advertising they see on the platform. Across product categories, children have high amounts of influence over the purchase decisions their parents make, and most parents with teenage or adult children rely on their kids to make purchases on behalf of the household. All of this makes Snapchat a powerful way for marketers to engage with all members of a household to drive sales for their brand. 
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