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New Insights: Snapchatters Plan to Return to Movie Theaters
Close your eyes for a moment. If you try hard enough, can you almost smell the faint scent of buttery popcorn? Can you feel the excited hush fall over the crowd as the theater lights dim? We can! We’ve really missed the days of Sunday matinées and waiting in line for the latest premiere. But we’ve got great news for movie-going Snapchatters… 

Lights, camera, action! Vaccines are continuing to roll out, movie theaters are slowly reopening around the country, and there’s nothing Snapchatters are more excited about than going back to theaters. In fact, it’s the #1 thing they’re looking forward to post-pandemic.1
Snapchatters are significantly more likely to say going to the movies is the #1 activity they’re most excited about doing post-pandemic compared to non-Snapchatters.1
Return to Theaters rank -fixed
Although COVID-19 drastically accelerated the shift to digital entertainment, Snapchatters have remained avid, engaged fans of going to the movies. Before the pandemic, 74% of Snapchatters in the US were active moviegoers.2
And now that theaters are reopening, Snapchatters say they’ll watch movies in theaters as much or more often than before the pandemic when things return to “normal.”3
81% of Snapchatters will watch movies in theaters as much or more often than before the pandemic
This is a high-value moviegoing audience: According to NRG, Snapchatters are 1.7x more likely to see a movie on premiere weekend compared to non-Snapchatters4, making them a prime audience — and prime targets! — for driving opening-weekend box-office sales and celebrating their favorite new movies with friends. 

For studio advertisers, Snapchat represents a unique opportunity to reach this high-value audience of moviegoers with cinematic content across Snapchat.
Snapchatters are social with your movie content across the app
Many Snapchatters are paying attention to what’s coming out of Hollywood. 96% of Snapchatters heard about a film they watched in theaters from an advertisement5   — often weeks before they ended up watching it!6
Return to theaters - corrected weeks before
Now, we’re making it easier than ever for Snapchatters to invite friends to the movies and buy tickets together directly in Snapchat via our Atom Tickets mini, which launched last year.
“We see immense value in the Snapchat audience as more and more people are safely returning to movie theaters. Snapchat has been a key partner throughout the pandemic, especially as we shifted gears for Trolls World Tour in the spring. We look forward to leveraging their ads platform as things return to normal and we head into the summer movie season."
— Alex Sanger, Executive Vice President, Digital Marketing Strategy, Universal Pictures
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