January 20, 2022
January 20, 2022

Love is on the Brain: Snapchatters Can’t Wait to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 

As Snapchatters celebrate the relationships in their lives, AR is their love language. 

It’s officially the season of chocolates, roses, and heart-shaped everything. Of Snapchatters celebrating, 82% plan to spend the day connecting with the most important people in their lives.1

And even those without valentines won’t be stuck in the lonely hearts club: Anyone on Snapchat can expect a special love note from yours truly in the form of a Valentine’s Snap.

Valentine’s Day is about love and romance, of course, but it’s also about celebrating friends (can you say Galentine’s Day?) and other important relationships. What better place to connect than on Snapchat? 

Help Snapchatters feel the love

Snapchatters love Valentine’s Day, but since the holiday only lasts a day or two, timing is everything. Advertisers need to act fast before the infatuation phase is over.

AR has tugged at shoppers’ heartstrings and emerged as a must-have to drive conversion and interaction, making Snap AR a perfect match for Valentine’s Day advertising. 

Of Snapchatters who use AR, 74% use it for shopping2—  making AR essential for maximizing conversions. Looking back at last year, Zenni Optical drove a 7.9x return on ad spend with their Valentine’s Day Shoppable AR try-on Lens.3

Engagement shoots up higher than Cupid’s arrow on Valentine’s Day, with Story Posts with Lenses increasing by 65% in North America on the holiday compared to the prior 14 day average.4 

Valentine's Day is all about the cheese factor

Consumers love to lean into all the bells and whistles the holiday is known for, and so should you. For brands leveraging AR during the holiday, it’s important to tie in creative elements like hearts, roses, or red lips that speak to the moment. 

In the month of February 2021, Sponsored Lens campaigns in Europe that incorporated Valentine’s Day elements had a 175% higher share rate than campaigns without association.5 And Snapchatters are still swooning over video ads, as Collection Ad campaigns in the US with Valentine’s Day creative association had a 101% higher swipe-up rate than campaigns without association in 2021.5

This year, beloved brands like Applebees are cooking up something in Snapchat's Camera that will be sure to inspire a Valentine's Day to remember. Bottom line? Snapchatters and their friends should get in the mood for sweet and shiny gifts because many will find assorted chocolates, jewelry, and candy hearts headed their way from their favorite brands.

This year, while friends and lovers indulge in affairs of the heart, focus on a love story that drives results: AR + Snapchat + You.

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