March 15, 2019
March 15, 2019

Snapchat’s Unique Reach Around the World

According to an App Annie analysis commissioned by Snap Inc., a significant share of daily Snapchatters are exclusive to Snapchat.

Mobile users today can access an endless supply of apps, and attention is highly fragmented. This provides a challenge for advertisers to determine which platform is best suited for their needs. New analysis shows Snapchat maintains a significant exclusive audience around the world compared with other apps popular with the 16+ demographic:1

A significant share of daily Snapchatters are exclusive to the Snapchat platform; they can’t be reached on other mobile apps. For marketers active on the platform, that means exclusive access to a uniquely engaged audience.

When it comes to some of Facebook’s product suite, for example, 38% of our daily audience in the United States and France can’t be found on Instagram on any given day. On Facebook in Germany and Saudi Arabia, that number is 67% and 79%, respectively. In nearly all listed regions, more than 50% of our daily audience can’t be found on Messenger.1

With the exception of Saudi Arabia, Twitter faces a similar, but even stronger trend: more than 75% of our daily audience in the included markets can’t be found on the Twitter platform. As for YouTube, Snapchat maintains a sizable impact in the video space, where over 50% of our daily audience in Australia, Canada, and the US cannot be found on YouTube.1

One explanation for these findings may be Snapchat’s unique core benefits. People open the app to communicate visually, play with augmented reality, and consume made-for-mobile content. A study from Greenberg Strategy found that 86% of Snapchatters have used Snapchat to communicate with friends and family, and many indicated it was their main source of communication with friends.2

Those personal, one-to-one Snaps with friends are what make Snapchat a close friend network. And if Snap is the place they can be reached on any given day, this makes interactions more meaningful and ads more influential.

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Snapchat's Audience Exclusivity

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1 App Annie AU, CA, DE, FR, SA, UK, US analysis commissioned by Snap Inc.; Q3 and Q4 2018, July through December.
2 2017 Greenberg Strategy study commissioned by Snap Inc.