Launch Announcement:
Rockerbox Integration

Introducing Rockerbox: Multi-touch Measurement for the Modern Marketer

Snapchat is one of the most visually appealing social platforms, making it an ideal channel for promoting products and services to Gen Z and Millennials. In today's measurement landscape, it can be challenging to evaluate the true impact your campaigns are driving in an agnostic way. How can you better recognize the unique value and immersive nature of Snapchat's ads, which have the ability to drive influence beyond just clicks? Today, we are announcing the launch of an integration with Rockerbox, a premier measurement and attribution provider for modern B2C marketers, to address this challenge.
Many measurement providers only offer partial visibility into the impact of Snapchat. Through this enhanced partnership, Snap will sit alongside Rockerbox’s 200+ other platform integrations with popular search, social, display, and traditional channels, allowing marketers to see exactly how much of their conversions and revenue can be attributed to Snap. You can do this by tapping into Snap’s expansive set of Performance Marketing solutions, whether you’re focused on driving online sales, generating leads, or acquiring and re-engaging with users of your mobile app. This comprehensive view can highlight ad engagement activity and resulting actions which take place across different devices and channels, which is particularly important considering the mobile-first nature of the Snapchat app.
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Key Benefits:
  1. Flexible attribution: Rockerbox offers a range of attribution methodologies, including multi-touch attribution, halo analysis, geo lift, in-channel testing, incrementality, and media mix modeling, giving you the choice and flexibility to analyze the conversion path. 
  2. Agnostic measurement: Whether your media strategy includes search, display, podcast advertising, or even traditional channels like direct mail, it's important to look at their impact in conjunction, rather than in a silo. Rockerbox can capture Snap’s contribution and reveal whether the touchpoints are at the beginning, middle or the end of the customer journey.
  3. Audience insights: Understand how messaging resonates with particular target audiences, and whether the customer journey and media mix differs between geographical areas.
How Rockerbox Measures Your Social Activity on Snapchat and Beyond
Getting Started
Accurate and complete data is crucial when evaluating how your media investments impact your bottom line. Whether you’re optimizing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, Rockerbox’s capabilities can ensure you have the most robust insights to inform your budget allocation decisions to maximize ROI. 
Getting started is simple! If you’re already working with Rockerbox, you can contact their team for more info on getting onboarded with Snap. If you’re interested in a demo of Rockerbox’s services, schedule one today.