Introducing our First Snap Focus AR Certification

Learn how to use Snap AR in your marketing plan.

Get Certified in Snap AR

As the leader in Augmented Reality (AR), we are excited to have launched our first Snap AR certification on Snap Focus: Augmented Reality Strategies for Advertisers. This five-part learning pathway offers hands-on education and real-life examples to help you gain a deeper understanding of how AR is an essential tool for your business and marketing objectives. 

Get Up to Speed with Snap AR

AR is an essential part of a successful business and marketing plan. Ideal for marketers, media planners, buyers and strategists, our new certification provides practice-based learning and case studies that will show you exactly how to use AR to drive engagement with your audience.

Your Go-To for Learning Snap AR  

Our newest Snap Focus certification starts with AR basics, where you’ll learn the background and history of this technology that has become a must-have marketing utility. Then, we’ll walk you through how to get started, build and scale lenses, and measure your results. Here’s a breakdown of the courses included in the certification.

Introduction to AR for Business

Learn the background and history of Augmented Reality, how it accelerates business and marketing today, and how Snap AR is a leader in the space.

AR for Every Objective

Discover why AR is an essential, evergreen tool for customer engagement, how to get started, and how to choose a format that drives Snapchatters to interact with your brand and take action. 

Amplify Lenses with Paid Media

Learn how AR fits into your big picture strategy and get hands-on practice in buying the best Lens placement or distribution for your campaign goals, so you can drive reach and engagement.

Measure and Optimize AR Campaigns

Get confident with tracking metrics with Ads Manager reporting, A/B testing, and key optimization levers to boost performance of your AR campaigns.

Create Lenses at Scale

Build an AR lens experience from scratch, from a template, or by working with an approved Lens Creator or Partner to bring your campaign to life.

Ready to level up your Snapchat marketing skills? You’ll be wowed by the know-how you gain from our new certification. Jump in today today at Snap Focus!

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