December 13, 2022
December 13, 2022

2022 in a Snap

The biggest AR Lenses, moments, and trends that defined this year

This year on Snapchat was all about living in the moment. Every day around the world, Snapchatters discovered ways to connect with their closest friends and family, share their favorite memories and experiences, and amplify their biggest passions and interests. 

In celebration of all the ways Snapchatters used Snapchat, we’re showcasing the global trends, habits, and interests that became more popular than ever this year. 

Join us as we reveal the biggest viral AR Lenses, the major moments that got Snapchatters talking, and key trends to watch in travel, food, fashion, entertainment, and sports. (And remember to check out your own Year End Story!)

Lenses were a big deal

This year, Lenses inspired Snapchatters with endless ways to express themselves, adding fun surprises to their lives that they could only get on Snapchat. 

The most popular viral Lens was Crying, which has been viewed more than 9.7 billion times since it launched.1

The year’s other popular Lenses included:2

  • Einstein
  • Shook
  • Cute Anime
  • Cartoon Kid

The biggest days on Snapchat for 2022

From experiencing everyday joys to celebrating major occasions, Snapchatters turned to the app to share their favorite moments all year long. Snapchat is where people go to creatively share their lives, so it makes sense that the biggest days coincided with moments that mattered to Snapchatters.

While every month sparked a memorable moment for connecting with friends and family — from January to December, we’ve highlighted the biggest events in the timeline above — the biggest day on Snapchat was New Year’s Eve.3 So don’t forget to send your Snaps during the countdown to 2023!  

A year for exploring

In so many different ways, Snapchatters spent the year exploring the world and expressing themselves, sharing what they found along the way with friends and family. From outdoor hobbies and sightseeing to trying out new fashion with Shopping Lenses, Snapchatters were eager to find joy by living large. 

Tourism was definitely on the rise, with Snapchatters eagerly taking in the sights of cities around the world. The travel boom was so popular that the year’s #1 tagged location was the King Abdulaziz Airport in Saudi Arabia.4

Of course, Snapchatters did plenty of exploring at home too: Shopping is now the #1 reason for using AR,5 especially for seeing how products would match their lives and spaces.

And when Snapchatters got hungry, they had adventurous tastes. From kumquats and apricots to samosas and sriracha, it was a battle of sweet vs. spicy for the most popular food captured in Snaps this year.6

Quite a year to remember! Special thanks to the millions of Snapchatters across the globe who made 2022 a year filled with such impressive expressions of creativity, passion, and connection. We’re excited to show you even more ways to Snap in 2023.

For our complete insights on the year’s biggest trends, check out the 2022 in a Snap report below. And before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, look back on your own most memorable moments with Snapchat’s Year End Story.

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