Optimizing Your Ads

Get the Most Out of Your Snapchat Ads

The Snapchat audience is like no other. This is where you can find 75% of 13-34 year olds¹ with $4.4 trillion in global purchasing power.² Plus, Snapchatters are highly engaged and four times more influential than celebrities or influencers on their friends’ purchasing decisions.³ This generation is all about shopping online, and running Snapchat Ads is one of the best ways to reach them. Scroll for tips on how to convert Snapchatters to customers, or book a call with a Snapchat Ads Specialist to talk about your BigCommerce advertising needs.

Make Your Next Campaign Your Best Yet

Whether you’re launching a new product, want to make the most out of an important holiday or event, highlight a sale, or keep the momentum going during quieter times, Snapchat has all the tools to help you stretch your advertising budget further. Below you’ll find our proven tips to increase performance for all of your campaigns and find great success with Snapchat Ads.

Take Advantage of Seasons

In your business’ off seasons, lower demand means you can reach users at a reduced cost. During bigger moments, maximizing your bids allows you to be competitive in the auction and reach high quality audiences.

Wait 3-5 Days Before Making Changes

Changing bids, budget, and targeting too soon may result in large performance fluctuations. To reduce this, let your campaign for a few days before making adjustments.

Experiment With Your Bidding

When adjusting your bids, do so in 10-20% increments so you can learn as your campaign progresses and make small but impactful changes.This can improve your daily KPIs.

Adjust Your Budget Based on Audience Size

When targeting larger audiences, increase your budget to expand your reach. To increase the efficiency of your campaigns, consider excluding audiences who recently took an action to focus on new users.

Narrow your Targeting in Off Seasons

Quieter seasons are a great moment to experiment with more specific targeting. The lower CPMs will help you reach small audiences efficiently. You can also experiment with split testing.

Broaden Your Targeting In Competitive Moments

During holidays and events, try expanding your reach to reduce KPI costs and achieve scalable results.

Diversify Ad Formats and Creatives

Use 3-5 creatives under each Ad Set, and different ad formats to optimize CTR and delight your target audience.

If you’re running a sale or offering a discount, make that your hero message.

Personalize Your Audience’s Shopping Experience

If you sell products, running Catalog Sales campaigns helps drive customized/SKU-driven ads to the right audience.

Customize your Creative to Your Audience

Make sure your ad speaks to the audience you want to reach. For example, experiment with more playful creative for a younger age demographic. This could increase your ad performance.

Easily Create Your Campaign With These Simple Steps

Build Your Conversion Campaign

You’re now ready to create a fully optimized campaign on Snapchat. 

To get started, click on the Advanced Create option on the right side of the Create Ads page.

Target Your Ideal Customer

Campaign 1

Next, select Website Conversions as your campaign objective. Set your campaign launch date and the amount you’d like to spend. We recommend starting with at least $30, but increasing your budget can improve your results.

Design Impactful Ad Sets

  1. Under Demographics, make your selections for Age and Gender.

  2. Navigate to Delivery,set your ad Goal to any of the purchase-related options, and select Auto-Bid.

  3. To build a second Ad Set, use your Custom Audience (Pixel Page View).

  4. To build a third Ad Set, use your Custom Audience (Pixel Page View Lookalike).

  5. When choosing creative, we recommend video ads that are 5-10 seconds in length and 2-3 video ads per ad set.

  6. Move on to the second campaign.

Campaign 2

Select Catalog Sales as your campaign objective. Then set your launch date and the amount you’d like to spend. 

  1. Click on Prospecting under Product Audiences and set your bid type to Auto-Bid.

  2. Under Demographics, make your selections for Age and Gender.

  3. Navigate to Delivery and set your ad Goal to any of the purchase-related options.

  4. To build a second Ad Set, click on Retargeting under Product Audiences and set your bid type to Auto-Bid.

  5. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 above.

After you publish your ad, you can find your approval details on the Manage Ads page within 24 to 48 hours.

1 Snap Inc. internal data Q4 2022. Penetration calculated as MAU divided by 2021 population estimates, per United Nations World Population Prospects, 2022. Advertising data from eMarketer 2022 estimates, Oct. 2022.
2 2021 Global Cassandra Study commissioned by Snap Inc. | Base: Total N=27,006 respondents | Q: How much do you agree or disagree with each of the statements below? Completely/Somewhat Agree.
3 Snap Inc. survey of US Snapchat users June 16 - 19, 2020. Age and location data subject to restrictions. See [Audience Tool](https://businesshelp.snapchat.com/en-US/a/audience-size-tool) for details. Question: “Which of these types of people are most influential on you choosing products to buy or trying something new?“; 787 respondents.