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Snapchat’s 2023 Guide to Advertising

Businesses that are focused on generating awareness (just like yours) run ads on Snapchat. Snapchat is where businesses can easily reach 75% of 13 to 34-year-olds. Even better: many daily Snapchatters do not use other social media platforms every day. The new year is the ideal time to get the word out about your business and, by following our proven best practices, Snapchat can help you achieve your goals for 2023. Find our full guide below, or book a call with a Snapchat Ads Specialist. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Before you get started...

Set up your Snap Pixel

The Snap Pixel allows Snapchat advertisers to see what users do after they engage with their ad. Installing your Snap Pixel is the first step to effectively measure and optimize your ads towards the events that matter.
If you haven’t set up your Snap Pixel yet, please take a look at our in-depth Snap Pixel guide on Snapchat for Business for insights and easy step-by-step setup.

Create a Custom Audience focused on Pixel Page Views

Custom Audience creation is a great way to incorporate your own data into campaigns. Whether you’d like to upload a customer list or create one focused on your Snap Pixel data, setting up your Custom Audience will help you to target Lookalike Audiences, gain insights, and retarget customers.

As a brand generating awareness, creating a Custom Audience based on Pixel Page Views will build you an audience of highly engaged customers to target. Learn how to get started on our dedicated Business Help Center page here.

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Setup complete. What’s next?

Make Single Image and Video Ads work for you
Single Image or Video Ads are full screen ads that are easy to create, and offer the creative freedom to communicate your message. This type of ad is a fantastic way to kick off your advertising for 2023, but it’s important that you follow these five golden rules so your ad performs to the best of its ability.

The 5 Golden Rules

#1  Keep Ads Short
Get your message across in the first 3 seconds. Always have your logo visible.
#2  Style it like UGC
Style your ad like user generated content by filming with a phone and talking directly to the camera
#3  Encourage An Action
Encourage people to take an action, such as a Swipe Up or presenting an Option to Buy.
#4  Consider Audio
Two-thirds of Snaps are playing with sound on. Use sound to capture attention or as a call to action.
#5  Focus on One Message
Have one clear hero message for your product or brand.

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Kick off your 2023 advertising with a Traffic Campaign.

To get your audience excited about your business in the new year, it’s important to jump-start your advertising efforts on Snapchat with a Traffic Campaign set to broad targeting.

Log into Ads Manager

From the Manage Ads menu, select Create Ads and choose the Advanced Create option.

Choose Your Objective

Select Drive Traffic to Website. In the newly-created Ad Set, we recommend a minimum budget of $30 USD per day.

Choose Your Audience

Use Age & Gender targeting for this one Ad Set campaign. This will drive the most eyes to your business.
Pro Tip: check the “Audience Expansion” box

Choose Your Delivery

Tailor your Ad Set with a “Swipe Up” goal and utilize the auto-bid function.

Make Ad Creatives

We recommend using Video Ads in line with our best practices above. For best results, use 2-3 creatives per Ad Set.


You did it! The approval process takes 24-48 hours so check back on your account to see that your campaign has been approved.

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