Advertise on Snapchat – The Safer Social Platform

9 out of 10 young people are on Snapchat.¹ Reach them where safety and privacy are a priority.

Our Commitment to Snapchatters

Safety and privacy are central to everything we do at Snapchat.

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Our Privacy Policy is Easy to Understand

Snapchatters can access a simple summary that clearly explains how we manage personal data.

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We’re Serious About Earning Trust

We don’t automatically store messages. We want our platform to feel less like a permanent record and more like a conversation with friends.

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We Put Snapchatters in Control

Our delete-by-default policy means Snapchatters control whether a Snap or Chat is shared or saved.

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How Trust Benefits Advertisers

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Research shows that people on Snapchat experienced positive feelings 62% more often than on Facebook and 32% more often than TikTok.² So your ads reach people who are:

Open to New Brands

When Snapchatters feel safe, they’re more receptive to new products and brands.

Big on Sharing

Snapchatters have made Snapchat the #1 platform for sharing purchases and shopping experiences.³

Highly Influential

Snapchatters are 4X more influential than celebrities or influencers on purchasing decisions.⁴

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I Want to Build Brand Awareness

Get the word out about your new brand, product, or service.

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I Want to Generate New Leads

Grow your business with ads designed to generate leads and capture contact info. 

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I Want to Increase App Installations

Increase app installations with an ad that prompts Snapchatters to swipe up.

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I Want to Drive Online Sales

Boost sales with an ad that drives Snapchatters to your website.

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“The most important thing when choosing a platform to advertise on is, ‘Are we going to get our money's worth or not?’ Snapchat makes it so much easier because we can start small and grow at our own pace."

- Sima Mosbacher, CEO + Founder, Moitie Cosmetics

1 90% of 13-to-24-year-olds in 20+ countries. Snap Inc. internal data Q2 2022. Penetration calculated as MAU divided by 2021 population estimates, per United Nations World Population Prospects, 2022.
2 Neuro-Insight SST™ study commissioned by Snap, Inc., 2022
3 Snapchat the #1 platform for sharing purchases and shopping experiences.³
4 Snap Inc. survey of US Snapchat users June 16 - 19, 2020. Age and location data subject to restrictions. See [Audience Tool]( for details. Question: “Which of these types of people are most influential on you choosing products to buy or trying something new?“; 787 respondents