Snapchat advertising objectives

Snapchat Ads make reaching your business goals easy, whether you're looking to build awareness, drive website visits, encourage app downloads or increase sales.

Achieve your business goals

There are two campaign creation flows within Snapchat’s Ads Manager:
Instant Create and Advanced Create

Instant Create

Instant Create is a simplified way to create a Single Image or Video Ad
in five minutes or less

We offer five different advertising goals:

  • Website visits: Drive Snapchatters to your website
  • Promote local place: Drive nearby Snapchatters to your local business
  • Calls & texts: Drive Snapchatters to call or text your business
  • App installs: Drive Snapchatters to download your app
  • App visits: Drive Snapchatters to return to your app

Advanced Create

Advanced Create is for advertisers who want more control over their bid, budget and optimization goals and may need more sophisticated ad types to meet their objective

Build awareness

Educate Snapchatters’ on your business, brand, app or product
  • Build brand awareness
  • Introduce potential customers to your brand
  • Showcase new products or services to existing customers or potential customers

Drive consideration

Encourage Snapchatters to learn more about your products or services
  • Generate app installs
  • Increase website traffic
  • Drive engagement
  • Generate video views
  • Lead generation

Boost conversions

Drive Snapchatters to take specific actions on your website or within your app
  • Increase website conversions
  • Drive catalog sales
Please note: the Snap Pixel is required for conversion objectives

Begin your success story today!

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