Grow Your Business With Snapchat Ads

Tap into the power of Gen Z and Millennials on Snapchat, the platform where real connections thrive.

Real Impact. Real Businesses.

47% higher ROI for Oak & Luna

“Snap's platform provided us with an invaluable opportunity to connect with fresh audiences, surpassing our initial investment expectations.”

Eytan Korn, CEO, Personalized Jewelry, Tenengroup

162% increase in revenue for MANSCAPED

“Our audience skews younger, so Snapchat is the perfect place to reach them.”

Brandon Carney, Senior Paid Social Manager

44% lift in return on ad spend for Bonkers Corner

“The platform’s widespread popularity among Gen Z and Millennials enabled us to establish authentic connections, significantly enhancing brand awareness and ultimately driving sales for Bonkers Corner.”

Prabhu Shetty, Head of Digital

Snapchat is Where Real Connections Thrive

Image of people using Snapchat

383 million people use Snapchat every day to create, share, and enjoy visual content with their close family and friends.¹

People are genuinely happier while using Snapchat because they feel free to express their authentic selves. This makes them more receptive to ads and discovering their next favorite business – like yours.

Real Connections = Powerful Results

Snapchat’s strengths make it a promising choice for businesses seeking to unlock growth.

Snapchat is a preferred platform for Gen Z and Millennials, who have a combined spending power of $5 trillion.²

People on Snapchat are highly engaged, opening the app nearly 40 times a day – increasing the likelihood of your ad being seen.³

When compared to watching the same ad on other platforms, people are 34% more likely to purchase products they see advertised on Snapchat.⁴

Flexible Budgets, Full Control

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You’re always in control of how much you spend, and you can start and stop your ads anytime. When you make an ad and set your budget, you'll get an estimate of how many people it will reach and what results to expect. Then, you can adjust as you see fit.

"The most important thing when choosing a platform to advertise on is whether we are going to get our money's worth or not. Snapchat makes it so much easier because we can start small and grow at our own pace."

- Sima Mosbacher, CEO + Founder, Moitie Cosmetics

Get Started in a Few Steps

Snaphat’s advertising tools are powerful but user-friendly.

Choose the result you want from your ads

This could be making more people aware of your business, collecting leads, more purchases on your website, and more.

Choose the audience you want to target

You can choose a location, age, and other demographics for your audience - or select from more advanced targeting options like uploading a list of your customers.

Determine your budget

You can set a daily budget or lifetime budget.

Design your ad

Upload your ad creative and choose a call-to-action and text to encourage people to interact with the ad. You’re ready to publish!

Dashboard showing what you want from your ads on Snapchat tool.
Image of showing how to choose your audience on the Snapchat tool.
Showing how to choose your budget on the Snapchat too.
Image showing how to choose your image on Snapchat tool.
“This success has given us the confidence to scale our brand marketing efforts on Snapchat & we're excited to see what results we can continue to drive in the future."

Amanda Carruthers, Paid Social Manager at Princess Polly

Commonly Asked Questions

Do ads on Snapchat disappear?

Messages between users on Snapchat vanish after they have been read, but ads on Snapchat do not vanish in that manner. Instead, they can appear in various placements where users explore content, including Stories, Discover, Spotlight, and more. Users can see your ad more than once, and the analytics for your ad are always accessible in Ads Manager.

Is the Snapchat audience likely to be interested in my higher-priced product or service?

With 383 million people using Snapchat every day³, the Snapchat audience includes a diverse range of spenders. The combined spending power of Gen Z and Millennials is $5 trillion, and businesses of all sizes have achieved success reaching this audience on Snapchat.

Is the Snapchat audience mostly teenagers?

No. Snapchat reaches 90% of the 13- to 24-year-old population and 75% of the 13- to 34-year-old population in over 20 countries.³ With hundreds of millions in its audience, Snapchat presents a significant opportunity for businesses of any size.

How much does Snapchat advertising cost?

Snapchat Ads fit any budget. You’re always in control of how much you spend and can start and stop your ads any time. When you make an ad and set your budget, you'll get an estimate of how many people it will reach and what results to expect. Then, you can adjust as you see fit.

1 Snap Inc. internal data Q2 2022
2 2023 Alter Agents study commissioned by Snap Inc
3 Snap Inc. internal data Q4 2022
4 2022 Neuro-Insights study commissioned by Snap Inc.