Wondering About an Email You Received From a
Snapchat Ads Specialist?

Did the Email Have a “From:” Address That Includes “c.snap.com”?

Image of a phone with Snapchat logo on it with a email notification on it.
If so, it was sent by a Snapchat Ads Specialist, so it’s safe to open the email, reply to it, and click on any links it contains.
Snapchat Ads Specialists are Snapchat representatives who personally help businesses achieve their goals on Snapchat and grow their sales.
You may also receive emails from people using “snap.com” and “snapchat.com” email addresses; they are also Snapchat representatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Snapchat Ads Specialists?
Snapchat Ads Specialists are representatives of Snapchat who are authorized to communicate with advertisers via emails, phone calls, and video meetings. They provide personalized support to advertisers by helping them optimize their Snapchat Ad campaigns, achieve their goals on Snapchat, and grow their business.
Why do Snapchat Ads Specialists use “c.snap.com” in their email addresses?
Many companies use variants of their standard domain names for websites and email addresses. There is nothing unusual about this and it shouldn’t cause any concern.
Should I expect phone calls from Snapchat Ads Specialists?
Yes, they might call you too. They may want to offer help with your ads or inquire about setting up a meeting, if they were unable to do so via the call scheduler.