Snapchat’s 2022 Guide to Holiday Advertising

During the festive season, many businesses, just like yours, that are focused on getting more users for their apps, run ads on Snapchat. Now is the ideal time to acquire new users for your app. In fact, 63% of Snapchatters last downloaded a new app on their phone within the past two weeks, and 41% of Snapchatters make a purchase using an app at least once a month. By following our proven best practices, Snapchat can help you achieve your goals for the festive season. Find our full guide below or book a call with a Snapchat Ads Specialist. We’re here to help every step of the way.

Let’s keep going.

As many brands stop advertising during this time, CPMs and cost of running Ads reduce in price. This is a great opportunity for your business to drive app installs on Snapchat. This period is also a great time to make sure you have the right targeting setup in order to gain loyal, valuable customers over the next year.

Utilize Low Demand

Low demand in Auction during this period is essential to reach users at a very low cost. Follow the bid suggestions for that purpose

Trust the Auction

It’s holiday time! Utilize Auto-Bid & let the auction work for you while knowing it’s going to be always efficient.

Be Patient

To avoid large performance fluctuations that can impact your daily KPIs, wait 3-5 days between bid/budget/targeting changes.

Narrow Your Targeting

This time is all about customization. The low CPMs help reach these small audiences with efficiency.

Avoid Audience Overlap

Follow “fewer ad sets, with larger budgets" strategy to give your ads stronger momentum & prevent auction from blocking your spend.

Diversify Ad Format & Creatives

Use 2-5 creatives under each Ad Set and different Ad Formats  to provide optimization levers,  prevent quick creative fatigue, maximize your reach across all inventory pools.

Use what works best for you.

Now is the time to experiment. Utilize the data you’ve obtained over the holiday season this year to make adjustments that work best for growing your app. Try to optimize the different levers you have: targeting, creative, and bidding to achieve even more results. If you need any help, talk with one of our specialists and they’ll guide you through how.

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