April 05, 2022
April 05, 2022

How Gen Z is Reshaping Communication and Redefining the Shopping Experience with AR

2022 research shows that the Snapchat Generation, and Gen Zs especially, aren’t just championing authenticity, they’re changing the way we connect and shop thanks to Augmented Reality (AR).

Last year, we conducted research on who Daily Snapchatters aged 13+, aka the Snapchat Generation, are and found that they possessed $4.4 trillion in spending power.1 

This year, we explored in more detail the shifts Snapchatters and Gen Zs are leading in how we communicate, connect, and consume.

We partnered with Crowd DNA and surveyed over 19,000 people across 16 markets to find out what’s at the heart of the Snapchat Generation.2 Our goal was simple–to explore the impact of our audience, particularly Gen Z.

Our research highlights the unique behaviors that differentiate Snapchatters as well as the distinctive characteristics of Gen Z in four big areas: identity, communication, commerce, and connection.

A Unique Audience

It’s no secret that the world is at an inflection point, and Snapchatters are making it their personal responsibility to make the world a better place.  

The last two years haven’t changed who Snapchatters and Gen Z are so much as how they show up. Values like caring for their well-being, prioritizing their relationships with others, and having fun have moved to center stage for them. These values are influencing how they interact not only with their friends, but also with brands and their wider community.3 


Snapchat has always been a place where people are free to live in the moment and be themselves. Around the world, Snapchatters are championing transparency, reimagining online life as something that feels real, fulfilling, and genuinely fun.

In particular, Gen Z is leading a shift towards realness, determined to embrace their true selves, despite pressures of expectation.4


It’s an era of visual communication and Snapchatters are leading the charge. It’s no surprise that 95% of Gen Z have used some form of visual communication when messaging friends.5 This generation is redefining communication and expressing themselves in more creative and interactive ways to have fun and deepen their connections with others. Every Snap is an opportunity to share the story of what’s happening in their lives. 


The way we shop is changing, and Gen Zs are expecting more immersive experiences. Snapchatters, especially, are getting inspired, trying on products via AR, and consulting with friends and family, all before purchasing.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like going to the store or if your friends can’t make it–shopping has become a more convenient and social experience on Snapchat. In fact, Snapchat is the #1 platform where Gen Z enjoys sharing purchases they love or when shopping.6

Top Reasons to use AR for Shopping7

  • Want to be able to identify the size/style that suits me

  • Want to make the shopping process easier

  • Want to have a more fun and social shopping experience online

  • Want to ask their friends / family their opinions on what to buy


Connection matters more than ever, and Gen Z is looking for meaning and guidance from their friendships, brands, and the broader world.  

Snapchatters are able to build stronger relationships and connect in ways that are both more creative and more convenient. This mindset means brands should be connecting with them in new and innovative ways as well. The fact is, nearly half of Gen Z say using AR Lenses / Filters helps them feel more connected to brands.8

Snapchatters are talking. Take a moment to listen.

Overall, the Snapchat Generation is a uniquely powerful audience who want to be seen for who they really are and have the values, positive outlook, and desire to make the world a better place. They’re looking for brands to believe in and meet them where they are.

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The Snapchat Generation 2022

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Want to find out more about the Snapchat Generation and Gen Z? Our next post will dive more deeply into how they’re redefining communication.

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