Zenni Uses Catalog-Powered Shopping Lenses on Snapchat to Drive ROAS

TrueSize lens share rate was


higher than non-Truesize lenses

TrueSize lens ROAS was


higher than the ROAS of non-Truesize lenses


Snapchatters have tried on Zenni's AR lenses

The Story

Stylish and affordable optical brand Zenni partnered with Snapchat again, this time using catalog-powered Shopping Lenses technology to provide their customers with an immersive shopping experience. Pleased with the tremendous performance of their previous evergreen AR campaign on Snapchat — which ran in October 2020 — Zenni returned to Snapchat once again to reach their 18+ audience to help Snapchatters virtually try on accurately-sized eyeglasses in a fun, chic way.

The Solution

Looking to drive incremental reach and drive purchases, Zenni used a broad, multiproduct approach targeting Snapchatters aged 18+, and leveraged separate ad sets for male and female audiences. While a mix of Snap Ads, Story Ads, Collection Ads, Commercials, and Lenses was used, the campaign specifically focused on Lenses built using Catalog-powered Shopping Lenses technology. Because Lenses built using this technology make virtual try-ons more realistic and increase buyer confidence, the Lens was a perfect option for an impactful, high-performing campaign.

Zenni created two Lenses to run on the Lens Carousel — one that showed off four pairs of eyeglasses and another featuring four pairs of sunglasses. By leveraging goal-based bidding for Pixel purchases as an optimization tool, Zenni was able to efficiently target members of the Snapchat community who exhibited high intent to purchase. This tactic allowed Zenni to reach more Snapchatters, ultimately driving more engagement and impressive performance gains.

The Result

Thanks to their Catalog-Powered Shopping Lenses, Zenni drove strong ROAS performance, with the Lenses driving a 42% higher ROAS and 146% higher share rate than Lenses created without Catalog-powered Shopping Lenses technology1. The Lenses reached more than 60 million total try-ons, including impressions driven by the auction and organic visits to Zenni’s public profile on Snap1.

While AR technology is often considered an upper-funnel product format when compared to Snap Ads, Story Ads, and Collection Ads, Zenni’s campaign proved that Catalog-powered Shopping Lenses drive strong ROAS performance. Try that on for size!

"Catalog powered lenses take away the friction of try-on to purchase, allowing for higher conversion. Which means customers are wearing their stylish Zennis sooner!"

- Deanna Dawson, Head of Social, Zenni

"Snapchat's quick-turn Lens Web Builder allows us to be extremely agile with our advertising efforts. From new product launches to best-selling fan favorites, LWB eliminates cumbersome creative lifts and empowers us to share the latest and greatest with users. Plus, the AR element helps customers feel confident that they'll love their Zenni frames!"

- Laura Savage, Director, Paid Social

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1 Snap Inc. internal data May 20, 2021 - February 28, 2022.