The Royal Commission for AlUla Achieves Success on Snapchat

Pts Increase in Brand Awareness¹
Ad Awareness²

RCU Aims to Increase Brand Awareness in the Region

The Royal Commission of AlUla (RCU) is a tourism organization responsible for promoting AlUla, Saudi Arabia, as a top travel destination. Their marketing goal was to increase brand awareness amongst Snapchatters in Saudi Arabia. On top of this, RCU aimed to highlight AlUla as the Best Tourism Village from the UWTO and chose to partner with Snapchat to leverage its high impact and Takeover ad formats for maximum exposure.

A Multi-product Strategy to Maximize Reach

RCU sought to captivate Snapchatters by utilizing a multi-format, multi-product strategy. The creative execution involved a combination of Snap Ads, Story Ads, and Commercial Ads to initiate traditional campaigns. Additionally, RCU incorporated three takeovers on the same day, utilizing First Story, First Lens, and First Commercial takeovers to augment their campaign's impact.
The campaign was meticulously designed to target all of KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). To further engage the audience, captivating and interactive Lenses were used to enhance the Snapchat experience.

+15pts Increase in Brand Awareness +7pts Increase in Ad Awareness

The results of the Snapchat campaign were impressive. RCU achieved a significant +15 pts increase in brand awareness among Snapchat users as well as +7pts increase in Ad Awareness. The unique reach of the campaign reached 13.4 million Snapchatters.
The success of the RCU's Snapchat campaign can be attributed to the powerful combination of Snapchat's high-impact formats and the strategic use of takeovers on the same day. The key takeaway from this campaign is that Snapchat's takeover formats, when used simultaneously, drove a significant increase and uplift in performance and resonance with users.
1 Snap Inc brand lift survey of 882 Snapchat users Apr 23 - May 07, 2023. Control n=492 exposed n= 443.
2 Snap Inc brand lift survey of 882 Snapchat users Apr 23 - May 07, 2023. Control n=492 exposed n= 443.
3 Snap Inc. Internal data Jan 1 - Jun 13, 2023.