Eyewa Generates 8.5 Million Product Try-ons Using Snapchat’s Catalog Powered Shopping Lens in UAE


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The Story 

Eyewa was founded in 2017, offering an easy-to-use and advanced platform for purchasing high-quality eyewear at affordable prices, creating an efficient, fun, and memorable shopping experience.

Since then, Eyewa has become the largest and most trusted online eyewear store in the Middle East, offering everything from prescription glasses to sunglasses, blue light glasses, color contact lenses, and corrective contact lenses.

The Solution 

With Snapchat's AR try-on Lens, Eyewa has further enhanced their customers' online experience by allowing them to try on their eyeglasses virtually before they buy. This time, on Snapchat. 

Powered by commerce catalogs, Catalog Powered Shopping Lens enables AR product visualization and try-on experiences that present multiple products from the same catalog in a single Lens making try-on experiences more fun, immersive and efficient.

The Results 

Not only has Eyewa enabled customers to enjoy personalized experiences across multiple products in a single lens, but the campaign has delivered great results with a total 8.5M product try-ons and over 89.7K lens shares, proving that Snapchatters love shopping in app and enjoy experiences that are both fun and personalised. The campaign also saw a ROAS of 8.06 – a complete success story for Eyewa.1

"With Snapchat's AR shoppable lenses feature, eyewa was able to deliver an unparalleled experience to our audience whilst driving an 8X ROAS''

Ahmad Khatib, Performance Marketing Specialist

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1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of June 10 - October 10, 2022