Essie Expressie Leverages AR Nail VTO with Video Strategy


share rate benchmark achieved via engaging Augmented Reality lens experience


purchase intent benchmark achieved for overall campaign via multi-ad product approach

The Story

Essie brought their quick dry line, Expressie, to Snapchat with a mission to drive consideration of the product line. The objective was to reach Gen Z’s and Young Millennials at scale, driving full funnel gains for Expressie and the shade range.

The Solution

Essie partnered with Snapchat to create a fun and engaging AR lens to showcase the color range of their Expressie collection, featuring both a face and world experience for Snapchatters to try-on the nail polish. The face lens selected on-trend sunglasses to showcase the shade range from a face perspective, while new VTO nail tech allowed the user to then turn the camera and try on each color, on their own nails.

Augmented Reality Lens

Commercial & Snap Ad

The Results

The face lens created a shareable moment for Snapchatters, resulting in a share rate over 4x Snapchat beauty averages1. Incorporating an engaging world lens component kept Snapchatters within the experience, spending over 2x the average amount of lens playtime1.

Essie paired the AR Lens with :06s video in the form of Non-Skip Commercials and skippable Snap Ads. The assets were short but mighty, following Snapchat best practices in sticking to one key message each, placing branding upfront. The ad products proved to be better together, with users seeing 2x the lift in brand awareness when exposed to multiple ad products compared to single ad product exposure2.

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1 Snap Inc. internal data April 1, 2021 - June 30, 2021, Essie Expressie Campaign
2 Kantar Millward Brown Study, April-May 2021, Essie Expressie Campaign