Get Started With Snapchat Ads in 5 Easy Steps

Want to start advertising your business on Snapchat? We’re here to help! On this page, we'll tell you everything you need to know about how to get started with Snapchat Ads.
  • Create a Snapchat business account
  • Choose from Advanced Create or Instant Create
  • Select your goal
  • Choose your audience, budget, and bid
  • Create your ad

Create a Snapchat Business Account

Getting started on Snapchat is quick and easy.

Set up your personal account
Go to and click “Sign up” next to “New to Snapchat?”
Create your free business account and Public Profile 
Next, create a business account in Snapchat Ads Manager, where you can manage your free Public Profile and create ads on Snapchat. 
Launch your first campaign
You can launch your first Snapchat Ads campaign, tailored to your business objectives, starting at just $5 a day.

Two Ways to Create Your First Ad

Choose the one that fits your business goal.

Advanced Create

Do you want to drive purchases on a website or in an app? If so, you should choose Advanced Create, which allows you to enable the Snap Pixel. The Snap Pixel also lets you measure the impact of your campaigns and optimize toward your goals.
In addition, Advanced Create lets you build multiple ad sets with advanced targeting and bidding capabilities.
  1. Get started: Select your objective and your campaign setup details, including start and end dates and a spend cap.
  2. Create your ad sets: Decide your budget and schedule, define the kind of Snapchatters you want to reach, and enable the Snap Pixel.
  3. Choose your ad creative: Write a headline and select an image or video (or use one of our many templates). Then publish your campaign!

Instant Create

If your goal is simpler, such as driving website visits or promoting your business locally, you should choose Instant Create. You can build a single ad in a few minutes.
You’re not locked into your choice and can switch to Advanced Create for future ads.
  1. Get started: Select your objective.
  2. Choose your ad creative: Write a headline and select an image or video.
  3. Select your delivery options: Decide your budget and schedule, and define the kind of Snapchatters you want to reach. Then publish your ad!

Start With a Budget That Works for You

With our daily minimum spend of just $5, businesses of all sizes can advertise on Snapchat.

Set your budget
Create a budget that works for you by setting daily budgets, lifetime budgets, and spend caps within your campaigns.
Optimize toward your goal
With goal-based bidding, optimize toward a specific action you want a Snapchatter to take, like completing a purchase. Install the Snap Pixel to bid on lower funnel goals, like purchases.
Measure results
View performance metrics, test, and optimize your campaigns, discover effective strategies, and maximize your return on ad spend in Ads Manager.

Easily optimize your campaigns

Create top performing Snapchat ad campaigns with these tactics:
  • Track online behavior across devices with the Snap Pixel.
  • Launch a broad, data-gathering campaign.
  • Use Audience Insights to grow your reach.

Get Snapchat Ads certified with Snap Focus, our official learning portal for marketers

Whether you’re learning the basics or honing in on a specialty, Snap Focus courses and certifications help you develop the skills you need to plan, buy, and run effective Snapchat campaigns.

Success on Snapchat

See how businesses like yours are finding success on Snapchat.

Liam & Co.

“Our goal is to shoot for at least 3X ROAS. Once I was able to dial in the ad set-ups and especially with utilizing video content on Snap, I was able to achieve 5X ROAS - something I haven’t been able to do on other platforms.”
Ryan Wilson
Co-Founder | Liam & Co.

Snapchat can help your business grow.