April 09, 2024
April 09, 2024

Mitigating Signal Loss with Snapchat

Introducing new partnerships & product updates to help drive business outcomes.

As signal loss has reshaped the digital ad industry, we continue to invest in offering our partners the latest privacy-centric signal solutions to help deliver relevant ads that drive valuable business outcomes. Here is an update on our latest efforts:

Partnering With Snowflake to Build Private and Effective Ad Solutions

Today we announced a new partnership and integration with Snowflake in which Snap will serve as a key mobile platform partner for Snowflake’s Marketing Data Cloud. The upcoming integration will feature Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), including Snowflake Data Clean Rooms, to bring advertisers encrypted, privacy-safe, and effective ad solutions and signal measurement.

  • The Snowflake Marketing Data Cloud empowers organizations to simplify complex martech architectures, deliver superior customer experiences, and maximize marketing and advertising ROI.

  • With the Snowflake Marketing Data Cloud, marketers can work from a single view of their customer, leverage privacy-preserving collaboration and native AI capabilities, and access leading marketing and advertising data applications to execute the full breadth of their marketing lifecycle.

  • The integration with Snapchat will roll out in the coming months and allow Snowflake clients to quickly implement Snap’s Conversions API (CAPI) signal solution without needing to build a bespoke back-end integration.

  • For Snowflake clients, the Snowflake Native App will streamline many of the technical processes involved in setting up CAPI and enable marketers to implement it in a matter of days, potentially even hours.

  • This will allow Snowflake customers to seamlessly share targeting and conversions to drive better performance for their Snapchat campaigns.

Putting Privacy First With Partners Like AppsFlyer

We are also thrilled to partner with AppsFlyer on an advanced privacy-centric measurement solution, which enables Snapchat advertisers to gain a better understanding of Snap's performance within Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) attribution for their iOS campaigns.

  • We are leveraging PETs such as Data Clean Rooms and advanced encryption, making Snap the first and only AppsFlyer partner to implement this level of privacy encryption.

  • In early testing, the new advanced measurement solution led to a 158% increase in Snap iOS conversions and a 41% decrease in cost-per-app-install (CPI) according to AppsFlyer.¹

  • Following the success of our work with AppsFlyer, we are exploring ways to expand this solution to other MMPs.

Enhancing CAPI to Better Support Your Business on Snapchat

Any advertiser on Snapchat can take advantage of our CAPI signal ​​solution, and we have been hard at work expanding global access to CAPI through additional third-party providers, including Datahash, Tealium, Segment, mParticle, Jellyfish, Stape.io and more. These partners offer CAPI onboarding and implementation with little to no IT support or coding required from advertisers. We also recently launched improvements to CAPI to provide additional capabilities and support for all partners:

  • Easier to set up, with new onboarding materials to further reduce integration times.

  • Better support for Dynamic Product and Travel Ads, with new parameters including check-in date, airport destination and preferred star rating (among others).

  • Richer data including External ID, Lead ID, and Subscription ID which can help advertisers more efficiently optimize their campaigns.

Integrating the Snap Pixel and CAPI remains the most powerful way for advertisers to measure their Snapchat campaigns and leads to better results, with advertisers seeing at the median:

  • 22% increase in attributed purchases.

  • 25% improvement in purchase value.

  • 18% improvement in cost per purchase.²

And Snapchat iOS app advertisers who have an MMP and integrate CAPI see a nearly 50% increase in attributed installs and an over 30% improvement in cost per install.³

You can read more about CAPI on our Business Help Center and on our Marketing API pages.

Tailored Recommendations to Improve Your Signal Health

In the coming months we will launch a new and improved version of our Event Quality Score (EQS), which will help partners understand signal health with greater precision. Recommendations will now be personalized for each advertiser, making it easier for marketers to take action on the highest priority items that will drive the most impact for their businesses.

We are confident that these partnerships and improvements will help advertisers protect against signal loss and drive results through their campaigns. We are committed to helping advertisers reach their performance goals and look forward to sharing more updates along the way.

1 Impact analysis comparing 7 days of conversion data, pre- vs. post-launch conducted by AppsFlyer across all iOS apps. Time period September 6-12 vs. September 15-21, 2023.
2 Snap Inc. internal data August 4 - 9, 2023. Based on 7/1 attribution window. The baseline conditions for the data require greater than 90% transaction ID coverage on both SDK and CAPI. Additionally, advertisers CAPI integration must be sending greater than 80% purchase volume of SDK purchase volume.
3 Snap Inc. internal data July 1 - 24, 2023. Based on 7/1 attribution window. The baseline conditions for the data require advertisers to have both an MMP and CAPI integration. Additionally, advertisers must have 90% transaction ID coverage on both MMP and CAPI.