How to Set Up Swipe Up to Call

Use Swipe Up to Call to drive leads, sales, and bookings for your business.

Follow these steps to set up Swipe Up to Call.
  1. Create a campaign with Advanced Create and select the “Engagement” or “Awareness” objective, and input the rest of your campaign details.
  2. Select “Single Image or Video” as your ad type and choose “Call” or “Text” as the attachment.
  3. Input your ad details and then select a saved phone number or input a new one. If you add a new number, you will need to verify it via text. You will then receive a text message with a 6-digit verification code to enter in Ads Manager. If you choose “Text” as your attachment, you have the option to choose a pre-populated message for a user to send you.

Swipe Up to Call Measuring and Reporting

Analyze calls, leads, efficiency, and quality with Swipe Up to Call Snapchat Ads.

Learn helpful ways to measure and report via Swipe Up to Call:

Unique Phone Number: If possible, leverage a unique phone number for Swipe Up to Call Ads in order to track the specific volume and quality of calls coming from Snapchat.
Snap Ads Measurement: Swipe Up to Call Ads can be measured the same way other Snapchat Ads are measured:
  • Brand Lift: First-party BLS, Millward Brown
  • Viewability: MOAT, IAS, DV
  • Reach and Actions: Ads Manager
Daily Call Volume Increase: Analyze call volume trends, leads, and conversions when your Swipe Up to Call Ad is live and adjust for budget spend to build a correlation.
Call Tracking and Analytics Tech: MarTech companies (e.g. Ringba, Telmetrics, CallRail Invoca, etc) can help brands understand the number of calls and quality of leads received from Snapchat drop-off points.

Best Practices for Swipe Up to Call

Improve your creative, campaign execution, and user experience.


  • Including the phone number itself in the creative is not necessary.
  • Make your creative engaging and limit it to 6 seconds or less.
  • Use “Audio” as a CTA (like “learn more” or “book your test drive”).
  • Mention who customers are calling within the audio or creative (e.g., product expert, sales associate, or customer service rep).
  • Ensure the Swipe Up CTA is apparent through the creative.

Campaign Execution

  • Use Swipe Up to Call when you, your Sales Team, or call center are ready to take calls.
  • Focus on the right targeting to drive qualified leads and be flexible on your ‘max bid’ in order to understand the cost per Swipe Up to Call. The expected cost per swipe up will generally be higher because of Snapchatters' proven intent.
  • Leverage Custom Audiences to retarget Snapchatters who have engaged with other ad formats and close that conversation with Swipe Up to Call.

User Experience

  • Make sure the Sales Team is prepared to discuss the product or service you are promoting with Swipe Up to Call.
  • Try to connect the caller directly with someone who can quickly address questions regarding your CTA.
  • Remember that the longer the potential customer is on hold or navigating a long menu, the more likely they will drop off the call.

FAQs for Swipe Up to Call

In what markets can I run Swipe Up to Call Snapchat Ads? 
All markets available in Ads Manager.
Is having a unique phone number a requirement to run Swipe Up to Call Ads?
No. You can use a current phone number directing Snapchatters to your contact center. You may also have a unique phone number to assess the performance of Swipe Up to Call Snapchat Ads.
Is there a verification process such as a one-time password? 
Yes. In order to run Swipe Up to Call, you'll need to verify the phone number you’ll be using.
My number routes the user to a call center - can I verify that phone number myself?
No. If you are using a call center and you want to leverage that number, you will need to be manually verified. Please submit a support ticket via Ads Manager.
Where do I set up Swipe Up to Call Ads?
Within Instant Create or Advanced Create with engagement selected as your objective, both available through Ads Manager.
Do I have to set up different Swipe Up to Call Ads per phone number? 
Yes. This will connect a Snapchatter to the right phone number. There is no dynamic solution yet to route a user to the right number based on attributes.
Will my call volume increase significantly? 
This will depend on spend, so monitoring call volume is key to understanding how leads are affected.
Will I be able to automatically track the quality of engagements, leads, and sales within Snapchat?
No. When someone calls or messages you, they are automatically outside the Snapchat advertising ecosystem. We recommend you use a unique number in order to track performance of the new ad product via your CRM systems and attribute conversions to Snapchat.