stc brought the Saudi National Day celebration to 4.5 million homes.

The Story
Saudi Telecom Company, or stc, is a Saudi Arabia-based digital company that offers a number of services in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain including telecommunications services, landline, mobile, and internet services, enterprise digital solutions, entertainment, fintech and banking, network infrastructure, and computer networks.
stc knows that showing national pride during Saudi National Day has never been more important, and they wanted to help people express their pride and join the celebration from the comfort of their homes.
The Solution
stc partnered with Snapchat to build an AR Lens that placed Snapchatters on a top-view balcony in the capital of Riyadh. Snapchatters’ backgrounds came alive with a firework celebration across the city and a few of the country’s landmarks, bringing the excitement of Saudi National Day right to them.
The Result
The AR Lens ran alongside Snap Ads and a Snap Filter during the period of National Day, and the AR Lens alone reached 4.55 million people.1 stc believes in the power of Snapchat as a digital media platform that has proven to help the company achieve its business and communication goals.
Real business results,
powered by Snap AR.
1 Snap Inc. internal data. September 21, 2020–September 23, 2020.