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Our number one priority is the health and safety of our community, our partners, and our team. The intent of this page is to share resources to help our partners navigate this uncertain time in light of COVID-19.

How Snapchatters are adapting to the COVID-19 health crisis

As COVID-19 affects the lives of millions around the world, people are using Snapchat to stay close to their friends, family, coworkers, and community. Snapchat brings close friends and family together even when they’re apart - and we are grateful for the opportunity to help people stay in touch during this time

Downloadable Resources

  • The Impact of COVID-19 on The Snapchat Generation - One sheet

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ADWEEK X Snapchat: Facing the Future, Together

Staying in touch

People are turning to visual communication to keep close

Snaps sent between friends reached an all-time high, surpassing our typical peaks on Christmas and major holidays.  The large increases are disproportionately driven by those sending Snaps to their top contacts (Best Friends).¹

Real-time communication is more important than ever

Our community is finding value in our video and voice calling features, which are often used with AR Lenses: time spent calling has grown by more than 50% during late March compared to late February.²

Groups of friends are coming together

Group Chat engagement and Snaps sent to Group Chats recently reached an all-time high

Having fun together and staying up-to-date

Friends are looking for new ways to have fun together

We’re seeing highly elevated engagement in Snap Games2 with our highest figures since launch for overall time spent, player count, and usage of in-game social features like Voice and Chat.³

Millions are turning to augmented reality (AR) for fun and self-expression

Time spent playing with Lenses is up 25% during late March compared to late February.²

Time spent watching Snapchat Shows is higher than ever.¹

Discover content within the News, Health & Wellness, and Gaming categories are seeing increases in engagement. And while major sporting events are on pause, we’re still seeing sustained engagement with sports-related content.²

News and insights

The impact of COVID-19 on Snapchatters and how brands can respond

What Snapchatters are saying & doing about Coronavirus

How Snapchatters are adapting to the COVID-19 health crisis

Crafting creative messaging during the global crisis

How Snapchatters are staying informed

Contributing to COVID-19 relief

Lenses AR Experiences

How Snapchatters are staying informed about


Rather than offer an open news feed, Discover - our content platform - is curated and requires that the news channels presented on Discover are fact-checked and credible. We work closely with select partners, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, and some of the most trusted news organizations around the world.

To date, over 445 Discover Stories or Shows have been produced on COVID-19, and over 68 million Snapchatters worldwide have viewed COVID-19-related content on Snapchat. In fact, over 40% of Gen Z in the US have tuned into this content to stay informed.⁴

Contributing to COVID-19 relief

To support the global COVID-19 relief efforts, Snapchat launched a new augmented reality donation experience, using Snapchat Lenses to bring awareness to the

COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization

Through the Snapchat camera, Snapchatters can scan 23 international currency notes across 33 countries, bringing up an AR visualization of how donations support the World Health Organization’s immediate response efforts to track the spread of COVID-19, ensure patients get the care they need, and provide frontline workers with critical supplies. Snapchatters can then easily donate, and encourage friends to do the same by sending Snaps of the experience.

Additionally, media publishers covering COVID-19 on our Discover platform will give Snapchatters the option to swipe up to donate directly from their content.

Winning from home

As we all learn to navigate new ways of working remotely, visual communication is becoming more and more important to staying connected with those we love. At Snapchat we’ve created a few ways you can bring joy to your everyday communication

Snap Camera on desktop

If you love Snapchat's Augmented Reality then there's no better way to make your next Zoom or Google Hangout video chat more enjoyable than enabling Snap Camera and having that important business a puppy!


Bitmoji for Gmail

As WFH proliferates we know that everyone's email volume has escalated. Why respond with Smart Replies when you can respond with your Bitmoji! Your face can now truly be worth a 1,000 words.

Bitmoji Keyboard

We are living in a mobile world and sometimes you want to text or email your response in a more personal manner. What's more personal than sending the message as yourself?!

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