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Same Product, Different Strategy: Xcite’s Cost Per Purchase decreased by 26% utilizing Snapchat’s Dynamic Product Ads.


Decrease in CPP


Increase in ROAS
The Story
X-cite is the largest electronics retailer and most popular shopping destination for consumer electronics and accessories in Kuwait. While Snapchat was delivering 17x ROAS using DPA, Xcite wanted to further explore the potential of DPA for their Cost Per Purchase.
The Solution
Xcite teamed up with Snap to implement a new DPA campaign strategy by splitting the Product Catalog into specific Product Sets and using MFD in the DPA ad sets.
The Results
Xcite saw success using Dynamic Ads across both their retargeting and prospecting campaigns for their product sets. Cost per purchase dropped by 26%(1) and ROAS reached 18.5x(1).
"As the leaders of the Electronics industry in Kuwait, Snapchat presented to us an opportunity to utilize our capabilities and drive a new strategy using the same product. This showcases the strength and abilities of our brand with Snapchat giving even more value to what is currently there."

- Jad Al Haffar - Marketing Manager at Xcite by Alghanim Electronics

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1Ads Manager 1st April - 9th Sep,2022