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Tesco Increases Action Intent for F&F Using Snap Ads and Commercials


action intent above UK retail benchmark achieved for overall campaign via multi-ad product approach


brand imagery attributes UK retail benchmark achieved
The Story
Tesco partnered with Snapchat to drive awareness of their F&F autumn winter collection amongst new 18+ audiences that couldn’t be found on other platforms.
The Solution
With brand lift and reach being key performance indicators, Tesco F&F ran instant impact Snap Ads and engaging non-skippable Commercials. Their multi product approach allowed them to achieve cost effective CPMs at scale and high quality video views.
The Result
When combined, these Snap Ads and non-skippable Commercials produced powerful results. Tesco F&F beat UK retail norms across Action Intent and Brand Imagery Attributes. As a result of their campaign on Snapchat, Tesco were able to positively shift perceptions of the quality of their autumn winter collection and also increase the likelihood of Snapchatters shopping with them for autumn winter clothing. Exposure to Commercials in particular helped drive the positive sentiment, delivering a lift in Brand Imagery Attributes that was over 2X the UK retail norm1.

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1Snap Inc. brand life survey of UK Snapchat users October 4 - October 31 2021. Control n=790 exposed n=838