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Success Story
Success Story

Multi-product Snapchat campaign smashes brand and business KPIs for Dodge


cost per lead

+10 pp

lift in ad awareness
The Story
Dodge has three core models: Durango, Charger and Challenger. The challenge was to generate high-quality leads for each model, whilst at the same time, driving time spent with brand and therefore, brand preference. To achieve this, a full-funnel campaign was developed, with a gamified Augmented Reality Lens to drive brand preference, and a video campaign to retarget users in order to generate test drives.
The Solution: AR Lens and Snap Ads
The first gamified AR Lens in the region for automotive delivered massive levels of playtime. The Lens on its own drove +20pp in brand awareness +17pp in brand favorability.
Anyone who played with the AR Lens, along with lookalikes, were retargeted with Snap Ads which encouraged sign-up for a test drive. Over 1100 leads were generated in Saudi Arabia, at a cost of $8.69 per lead.
The Results
The CPL was very competitive, but more importantly, the efficiency was coupled with an impressive uplift on brand metrics. Very rarely can platforms offer solutions that deliver against both brand and business KPIs so emphatically.

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