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Success Story
Success Story

McDonald’s recruitment campaign on Snapchat receives more than 42,000 “Snaplications” from Saudi Job Hopefuls

McDonald's sees success with recruitment ad campaign on Snapchat
McDonald's sees success with recruitment ad campaign on Snapchat


Applications received through Snapchat


More applications than expected
The Story
Recruitment can be a real challenge - especially if you’re targeting young, hard-to-reach Saudi Nationals. McDonald’s needed to fill 850+ positions across multiple roles including manager trainees, guest experience leaders, baristas, accountants, administration coordinators, HR specialists, delivery drivers and service crew - and they decided to allocate a paid media budget to generate 10k applications partnering with their agency Ethos Interactive and Snapchat.
The Solution: Lens and Snap Ads
McDonald’s ran a fun Augmented Reality Lens for 24 hours. Snapchatters were prompted to tap through, after the Lens experience, and apply for a job.
To boost visibility and ensure engagement, McDonald’s worked with 5 influencers to play with the Lens and post the video. On top of this, they developed Snap ads to ensure the campaign was fully integrated and caught the attention of Snapchatters through both the camera and content.
The Results
Never before has a Lens been used to drive recruitment in the region. It was a truly innovative approach from a brave client, that paid off.
In 24 hours, the application target was smashed by 4x - generating 42,972 applications (vs. a target of 10,000).

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