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Maybelline Drives Incremental Reach to New Buyers with Filters

The Story
Maybelline New York has the #1 selling Fit Me foundation, which focuses on diversity and inclusion, with 40 shades available. Maybelline wanted to understand the role of Filters in driving awareness and incremental buyer objectives.
The Solution
Through a partnership with NCSolutions and Snapchat’s multi-cell testing capabilities, Maybelline was able to test the incrementality of adding a Filter to an existing Snap Ad and Non-Skip Video execution. The result was strength in reaching new buyers with a 2x lift in HH Penetration and a 52% increase in sales for Maybelline New York.1
Creative Attributes for Campaign Success
A source of Maybelline New York's campaign success were Snap Ads and the inclusion of a prominent logo and creative that showcased the product. As a result, the prominent logo drove +81% stronger ROAS and +9ppt increase from New Buyers.2 The creative aspect with identifiable product generated +10% stronger ROAS.2
Another source of Maybelline's campaign success were the filters that reached the New Buyers. The first major takeaway from this creative attribute was that branding is big, especially for New Buyers. As a result, 93% of the filters had a prominent logo and prominent branding, which drove +55% stronger ROAS, +7ppt more from New Buyers.2 The second major takeaway was to always consider alternative design options. 71% had Bottom-Centric Designs, generating +25% stronger ROAS.2

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1NCSolutions study, December 2020
2Nielsen Catalina CPG Sales Lift Studies Q3 2018 N=82