Lay’s and Snapchat Teamed Up and Succeeded in Significantly Driving Brand Metrics Across the Board


Action Intent


Ad Awareness


Brand Favourability

The Story
Since the Snacks category lacked diversification away from the classic flavour, Lay’s sought to produce new funky & bold flavours that were never produced before in the region for a limited time only. To generate awareness on the new product, the PepsiCo brand partnered with Snapchat to hype up the category with its new offering. 

The Solution
Lay’s and Snapchat teamed-up using a multi-product video ad approach to push to the Lay’s audience in Saudi Arabia. Through Snap Ads and Commercials, Lay’s reached more than 6.8M unique Snapchatters in Saudi Arabia. Snapchatters found both the ad and flavours appealing, leading to a lift across measured KPIs.
The Results
Snapchat’s video solution succeeded in significantly driving  brand metrics across the board, especially on upper and mid funnel attributes such a Ad Awareness (+6) and Brand Favourability (+5). This is attributed to the power of both formats working well together on video. Finally, the brand performed well against women where there was an uplift of +7pts across Action Intent.1
“As part of our efforts to own the screen time platform, we have launched these three new flavors that would accompany our consumers in their moments of watching TV shows and movies. Launching this campaign on Snapchat made perfect sense for us as our main focus was the Saudi Arabian community of Snapchatters, and this was shown in the results we achieved across the board.”

Anfal AlDuhilan, Senior Brand Manager at PepsiCo, Inc.

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1 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 847 Snapchat users January 20 - February 22, 2022. Control n= 416 exposed n=431