La Roche-Posay renforce la notoriété d’Effaclar Duo en combinant les Snap Ads et les Commercials


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Completed video views


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Product awareness uplift
The Story
To drive awareness of its Effaclar Duo+ skincare cream among 15 to 25 year olds in France, La Roche Posay partnered with Snapchat on a campaign aimed at reaching this audience at scale, in a brand safe environment, with the objective of either maximizing video completions with Commercials, or driving traffic to their website with Snap Ads.
The Solution
To reach its objective, La Roche Posay leveraged 3 video ad formats: 
Snap Ads to maximize the reach on target.
Commercials, a 6 second unskippable video ad, to drive completed video views and drive brand awareness.
Collection Ads to generate a minimum of traffic on their website.
The Result
The smart orchestration of Snapchat’s video ad formats enabled LRP to reach 5.6M unique users, which amounts to approximately 51%  of the 15-25 yo Snapchatters that can be reached on Snapchat in France every month.

Using the Commercials format, LRP was able to generate 2.3M completed video views with this campaign.
This campaign also had a strong impact on brand metrics, driving increased Product Awareness for Effaclar Duo+ (+10 points uplift), increased Brand Awareness for La Roche Posay (+8 points uplift). 
Snapchat’s made for mobile, vertical video made an impression : users exposed to this campaign reported a +6 points uplift in Ad Awareness.
"Thanks to Snapchat, we were able to reach our core target for Effaclar, and manage our digital campaign efforts efficiently."
- Cédric Weinland, Brand Business Leader, La Roche-Posay

Snapchat peut contribuer à la croissance de votre entreprise.

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