How Snapchat Drove up Return on Investment 30% for Shopping App ZAFUL

-20% CPI

via multi-country targeting1

+30% ROI

via minimum ROAS bidding1
The Story
ZAFUL is a leading eCommerce brand for Women’s fashion apparel, offering a select choice of clothing, accessories, and swimsuits. Their key objective on Snap was to reach the right female audience, and drive installs.
The Solution
Through upbeat creative that prominently featured a call to action and popular product categories, ZAFUL was able to acquire high-intent customers using Minimum ROAS Bidding. 

Multi-Country targeting helped unlock new growth when utilized with Minimum ROAS Bidding. Ultimately, this helped ZAFUL deliver a 20% cheaper CPI than the set goal and opened up new regions of customer opportunity.
The Results 
Through minimum ROAS bidding and broadened targeting strategies, ZAFUL was able to bring CPI down by 20% below goal, while driving ROI 30% higher than the goal. Paired with high-impact full screen video ads, this quickly became one of the most profitable acquisition strategies deployed.
"ZAFUL has seen success using minimum ROAS bidding paired with multi country targeting since Q1 2020. This impressively brought CPI down below our goal by 20% through expanded targeting, and delivered 30% higher ROI than our goal. In the future, ZAFUL will increase the use of minimum ROAS to reach Snapchat’s unique users while improving overall ad performance."
- ZAFUL Overseas Advertising Manager, Xie Yu

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1 Source: Client’s Internal Data & Snap Ads Manager