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H&M Leverages Multiple Video Formats to Build Awareness at Scale


lift in Ad Awareness


video completion rate for Commercials


unique reach of the campaign
The Story
For a couple of years now, iconic fashion brand H&M has been known to strongly advocate for more responsible & sustainable practices in the fashion industry.
To help their customers make more responsible choices, H&M awards them with membership points in a dedicated program. To generate strong awareness of this membership program by customers in France, H&M partnered with Snapchat to target its exclusive audience at scale.
The Solution - Video Ads
The goal of the campaign was straightforward: maximise both the reach of the message and the average video completion rate, to deliver strong impact.
To reach this objective, H&M leveraged multiple complementary video ad formats on Snapchat:
  • First Commercial, to generate massive reach on a single day
  • Commercial, Snapchat's unskippable format, to ensure a solid completion rate
  • Snap Ads, to increase overall potential reach on the platform
All of these formats can be optimized towards the goal of generating video views, which can help ensure the campaign is delivering against H&M's marketing objectives.
The Result
The three video formats combined to deliver a campaign with strong results : overall, people exposed to the campaign reported a 9 point lift in Ad Awareness, which means that they remembered seeing the campaign.1
Combining multiple video ad formats made it possible to reach over 4.1 million French Snapchatters.3
The Commercials format delivered on its promise: on average, this format generated a 85% completion rate, which offers meaningful exposure to the ad.2

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1Source : Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 998 Snapchat users, March 4 - April 29, 2021, Control n= 556 exposed n=442
2Source: Data from Snap Ads Manager as of March 25 - April 7, 2021
3Source: Snap Inc. internal data March 25 - April 28, 2021