Giorgio Armani Beauty leverages Commercials to generate completed video views and drive product awareness


total reach


completed 6 second video views

+15 points

product awareness uplift

+3 points

action intent uplift

The Story
For the launch of the new feminine fragrance My Way, Giorgio Armani Beauty partnered with Snapchat to drive awareness of this product launch among female Snapchatters aged 25 to 40 France.
With this campaign, Giorgio Armani Beauty wanted to reach this target audience at scale and in a brand safe environment, using a format that would help generate completed video views and would make users want to find out more about the product.
The Solution
To generate completed video views, Giorgio Armani Beauty chose Snapchat’s Commercials format, a 6 second unskippable, full screen video ad made for mobile. 
To ensure that ads were playing in a brand safe environment, Giorgio Armani Beauty chose to run these ads within Snapchat Shows, the best content on Snapchat Discover.
The Results
This campaign was a success : it reached 1.08M unique users aged 25-40, and generated 1.2M completed video views of the ad. 
A Brand Lift study highlighted an uplift on all KPIs that were tested:
+15 points uplift on Product Awareness of the new My Way fragrance. Users declaring to have discovered the product thanks to the Snapchat campaign. 
+12 points uplift on Ad Awareness.
+3 points uplift on Action Intent. Snapchatters declaring to be willing to buy the fragrance in the next 3 months thanks to the campaign.

"For the launch of My Way, our goal was to address 25+ women on a very large scale. Snapchat enabled us to achieve this objective, to make the launch of My Way one of the great successes of 2020 and to position My Way as a major fragrance."
- Emilie Segura, Digital Manager, Giorgio Armani Beauty

1 Source: Data from Snap Ads Manager as of Sept 07th - Oct 04th, 2020
2 Kantar brand lift survey commissioned by Snap of 826 Snapchat users in France, Sept 07th - Oct 04th, 2020. Control n= 436 exposed n=390