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Success Story
Success Story

Coca-Cola Netherlands achieves 12pt lift in brand favourability with Recycling campaign

+13 pts

Ad Awareness
Ad Awareness

+12 pts

Message Awareness

+12 pts

Brand Favourability
The Story
This summer, Coca-Cola Netherlands launched a Lens and Snap Ads in collaboration with Reprise Digital and Universal Media to remind people of the importance of recycling.
The Solution
The Lens filled Snapchatters’ phones with empty Coke bottles and cans, and challenged you to clean them up quickly. Once you got all of them in the recycle bin, users were rewarded with a cool summer look and the tagline “Let's Not Waste This Summer”, allowing Snapchatters to share the eco-friendly message with their friends.
The Results
The Lens delivered an excellent avg. play time of 29 seconds. The campaign was very effective at driving brand metrics. The campaign drove a +13pt lift in Ad Awareness, +12 pt lift in Message Awareness, and +11pt lift in Brand Association. The campaign also drove favourability towards Coca-Cola and achieved a +12pt lift in brand favourability.

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1Source: Snap Inc. Brand Lift survey the Netherlands Snapchat users , July 29, 2019 - September 1, 2019. Location and age data are subject to limitations. 787 respondents.