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Champs Sports Used a Multi-Product Approach to Drive a 32% increase in ROAS


Lens share rate


increase in ROAS
The Story
When Champs Sports teamed up with Nike for their Refresh Your Game campaign featuring new kicks for Back to School, they partnered with Snapchat to bring the try-on experience to everyone at home.
Solution #1: Shoppable AR
Champs Sports was the first sports retailer to use Snapchat’s shoppable AR try-on technology in an engaging AR lens.  Snapchatters were able to try on two new pairs of Nike kicks right in the camera. On average, they spent almost 15 seconds checking them out. 
Solution #2: Snap and Dynamic Ads
Champs Sports also used engaging Snap Ads to drive users to their website to learn more and shop Nike’s new collection. 
To drive efficient sales, Champs Sports also utilized Snapchat’s Dynamic Ads to reach all Champs Sports online shoppers. 

The Results

The power of AR allowed Snapchatters to try-on the new Nike kicks in a brand new way and adding Snap Ads and Dynamic Ads to the campaign drove both incremental reach and lifts in ROAS. Including the AR try-on Lens resulted in 44% incremental reach.3 Users that were exposed to product ads and the lens had a 53% higher conversion rate compared to those who just saw product ads.3 When compared to previous-year Champs Sports partner funded campaigns, ROAS increased by 32%.1

If you think about what we just did with Snap, being able to recreate the store experience in your house – that speaks volumes, especially now. Snap has made significant progress as it relates to being brand friendly and showing us the return on our investment.
- Jason Brown, VP Marketing Champs Sports

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