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Booking.com uses Dynamic Ads for Remarketing to Drive Incremental Bookings


Lower Cost Per Purchase than other Travel Advertisers in Saudi


Higher Swipe Up Rate than other Travel Advertisers in Saudi


The Story

Booking.com is an online platform that helps people explore
and book a wide range of places to stay and other travel
services all over the world, no matter their budget. Looking to
reach a new and engaged audience, Booking.com partnered
with Snapchat. Using our dynamic ads solution, they launched
remarketing efforts in the Snapchat platform in order to drive a
new stream of incremental bookings.

The Solution

Working closely with Snapchat, Booking.com employed a
remarketing strategy that looked to use dynamic ads to
retarget users that had actively been looking at properties on
their website. By utilising our dynamic ad solution, they were
able to dynamically pull images directly from their product
catalog that displayed visually appealing property photos and
features! This allowed Booking.com to serve users ads with
locally relevant listings based on the properties they had
already viewed.

The Result

Snapchat’s dynamic ad product has
helped Booking.com unlock an incremental audience within
Saudi Arabia, resulting in positive incremental lift in
Bookings across both their website and app, with strongest lift
results amongst Snapchatters aged 25-34. 1

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1Snap Inc. internal data November 12, 2020 - January 1, 2021 (7/1 Attribution)
2Data from Snap Ads Manager as of November 12, 2020 - January 1, 2021