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Bespoke Post achieved 11x YoY increase in new subscribers, while cutting their CPA cost by 57%


new subscribers


increase in spend


lower cost per sign up
The Story
Bespoke Post is a curated subscription company with themed boxes for “people who give a damn.” In order to grow their user base, they leaned into Snapchat’s ad products to drive increased subscriptions at the greatest efficiency possible.
The Solution: Snap Ads & Story Ads
Bespoke Post brought their product story to Snapchatters through visually stunning video creative with both Snap Ads and Story Ads. 
They committed to optimizing and refreshing their video creative on a regular cadence throughout their campaign to keep the attention of their audience, improve their messaging, and solidify their product value to Snapchatters. 
They also sought to connect with the most relevant audiences on Snapchat by utilizing strategic targeting tactics, such as lookalike audiences. 

The Result:
By leveraging multiple ad formats and keeping creatives fresh, Bespoke Post was able to scale their reach among leaned-in Snapchatters massively. They grew their investment on Snapchat by 8x YoY1, acquiring 11x the subscribers2. Snapchat CPMs were also 2.2x lower3 on average vs. other marketing channels.
Bespoke Post’s creative optimizations and use of advanced audience targeting also resulted in improved efficiencies for the brand. They showed a 57% YoY decrease in their Cost Per Sign Up from Snapchat1, allowing them to continue their growth on the platform while remaining profitable. 

"As we continue to grow, diversification of our marketing spend is of utmost importance as you never want to have too many growth eggs in any one channel basket. Over the last year, Snapchat has become instrumental to said diversification, giving us the confidence to further increase our overall marketing spend."
- Alvaro De La Rocha, VP of Marketing, Bespoke Post

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