Labello Drives Strong Campaign Results By Leveraging AR Lens

+8 ppts

Brand Association

+7 ppts

Brand Favourability

+10 ppts

Action Intent

2.28 million


15 sec


The Story:

Beiersdorf & Snapchat teamed up to generate awareness on the new range of Labello crayons with an intent to find new users to try the product.

The Solution:

Labello developed a lens with a product try-on functionality that allows Snapchatters to try the new crayon colors without visiting the retail store physically. The Lens brought a virtual try-on experience to Snapchatters. Toggling through 3 different crayon colors, Snapchatters could find the style they liked best and share a snap with their friends to garner opinions. Most importantly, the lens embodied the brand equity with sound & brand attributes while including the logo and product clearly to be recognized.

The Results:

The Snapchat Camera has proven to be a tremendous engaging & performing channel.  The campaign exceeded all engagement norms, especially on lower funnel where brand attributes that are harder to change such as Brand favorability and Action Intent.

"Objective behind this activation was to allow consumers to try out the new Labello crayons colors before buying, hence the Lens was created with Snapchat and was incorporated on the point of sale, digital & E-commerce for a complete consumer journey aiming to drive traffic to sales. A very successful collaboration, building on the trend of colored lipsticks, that allowed us to revolutionize Labello as a brand and see great impact and results on trial & consideration."

- Joya Bassim, Labello Senior Brand Manager at Beiersdorf Middle East