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Welcome to Snapchat Holiday Select, an invite-only and free 6-week program to share tailored tips to help you drive online sales this holiday season.
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  • Strategies to help overcome iOS14 changes
  • Help building campaigns for key shopping moments
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The Gameplan For A Profitable Season

Many advertisers are late to the game and only run conversion campaigns around key moments - when the auction is highly competitive. Bring qualified customers to your website now - when the competition is low.

Lead with offers

Offers should be clear and simple. Consider these rules for the offer to attract new potential customers:

  • Make them easily memorable (e.g. SNAP50).
  • If possible, include product bundles (e.g. “Buy hat + scarf and get 30% OFF).
  • Make them worthwhile. Shoppers expect higher discounts during Holidays.
  • If you can’t discount, consider free gifts, or free shipping.

Recommended Holiday Calendar

Each week we’re guiding you through the steps of campaign creation and optimization to ensure you successfully grow your business with Snapchat ads.

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All consultations are free and require no commitment.

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