19 octobre 2023
19 octobre 2023

Snapchat’s Unique Audience –
Why You Won’t Find Them Elsewhere

Snapchat reaches over 750 million people worldwide every month, and nearly 400 million people every day, making it one of the world’s largest, most popular mobile platforms. These hundreds of millions of people come to Snapchat because it’s where they can foster real relationships with those who matter.

In order to better understand the value of Snapchat’s audience, we partnered with GWI to determine how frequently daily Snapchatters use other platforms. The results show that Snapchat’s growing daily audience isn’t reachable on TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and others like they are on Snapchat.

16-64s are unique to daily Snapchatters

In the US, the research found that 43% of daily Snapchatters age 16+ do not use TikTok every day, 39% do not use Facebook every day, 53% do not use YouTube every day and 69% do not use Twitter/X every day¹.

For younger people, especially, they are aging out of legacy platforms like Facebook, Twitter/X, and even YouTube to a certain extent. Among 16-24-year-old daily Snapchatters, nearly 50% do not use YouTube, 63% do not use Facebook, and over 70% aren’t on Twitter/X every day.

25-34s are unique to daily Snapchatters

We believe the reason for this exclusive daily reach is in large part due to Snapchat’s differentiated value from other platforms.

On Snapchat, people can communicate visually and have fun being their authentic selves rather than feeling pressure to appear perfect. Unlike traditional social media, Snapchat prioritizes genuine communication, happiness, and self-expression.

4 out of 5 Snapchatters² think that connecting with friends is the simplest way to feel happier, which is why over 90%³ of Snapchatters say they feel comfortable, happy, and connected when they use Snapchat. Overall, Snapchat ranks as the #1 happiest platform⁴ compared to other apps.

For the Snapchat community, there is power in the platform’s unique use case. For marketers, there is power in reaching this unique audience.

There’s no better place to do so than Snapchat.

This research was conducted across 27 markets and these results are specifically for the US. Please reach out to your Snap representative if you are looking for data for a different country.

1 Source: 2023 GWI research commissioned by Snap Inc.
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