26 août 2022
26 août 2022

How Brands Can Raise Awareness With High Impact Ads on Snapchat

Our lives are constantly filled with distractions. The incessant notification pings from our phones, the hot new streaming shows, and the daily feed of suggested videos to watch are all part of the neverending fight for our attention that is raging harder than ever. 
With our focus being pulled in a million directions, pieces of content that don’t instantly make an impact get filtered out from our brainspace, never to be seen again. 
This is why, for marketers, the ability to capture attention through high impact ads on Snapchat can be an important piece of any advertising campaign seeking to raise awareness for their brands.
Engage Snapchatters in Impactful Ways
Snapchat empowers 319 million Snapchatters to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together.1 And they do this through our unique product offering which includes the camera, AR Lens experiences, original content, games, and so much more.
Here’s how marketers today can engage Snapchatters in high-impact ways:
Engage our community through the best content on mobile. Through Snap Select, buy into top programming via a fixed CPM with predictable reach and frequency in Ads Manager and start reaching Snapchatters through Snapchat Discover.
Make the best first impression by claiming the First Commercial opportunity. Through this high-impact product offering, marketers are guaranteed advertiser ownership over the first ad experience that a Snapchatter sees on any given day within premium Shows found in Discover.
First Commercial
Drive awareness and engagement through Show Takeovers and National Lenses. Through Show Takeovers, marketers gain access to all ad slot inventory within specific Shows. With National Lenses, advertisers get the first position Lens in our camera for a single day, reaching all users in a specified country.
"To bring our Nothing Else is REESE'S campaign to life, Hershey Canada looked to partner with Snapchat to leverage its high-impact ad opportunities, specifically the National Lens, to drive brand awareness and full-funnel lift. As a result, we reached and engaged with our core customers through an experience that not only sparked creativity but genuinely drove emotion with the Snapchat community. Due to the best-in-class results the REESE'S campaign received, we maintained our ongoing partnership with Snapchat to continue to drive awareness, create memorable experiences, and drive full-funnel results."
– Andrew Mushing, Senior Manager, Media and Communications Strategy at Hershey Canada
Use High Impact Ads To Fuel Strong Upper Funnel Performance
In order to prove out how these high impact ads perform when they are included in marketing campaigns, we partnered with Kantar to conduct a meta-analysis of brand lift studies that were conducted on Snapchat. 
By collating historical studies where a High Impact Ad Unit was included in the overall marketing mix, Kantar was able to compare the lifts seen against their global benchmarks. Additionally, high-impact moments, like surrounding tentpole events and sports, were evaluated separately.

In campaigns where high-impact ads were used, marketers saw extensive, incremental benefits across the top of the funnel. Brand Awareness lifts were 2.1x Kantar Global MarketNorms, along with Ad Awareness at 1.9x and Message Association at 1.5x.2
Not only was this impact substantial, but we saw this across brands, regardless of whether or not they were new or more established in their awareness. In fact, the use of high impact ads were the most powerful among brands with awareness levels above 70%.
Furthermore, surrounding key moments to capture the attention of Snapchatters is another high-impact tactic that can be leveraged for awareness-building strategies. When brands activate against Sports moments, like Super Bowl, World Cup, and March Madness, they benefit from the highly engaged audience that’s consuming that content, translating to upper funnel gains.
When Snapchat is leveraged at the right time for the right brand, the impact can be seen extended towards lower funnel metrics. For example, the study found that when Retail brands surrounded tentpole moments like Valentine’s Day, Back-to-School and Holidays, Favorability and Intent lifts exceeded norms, in addition to Brand Awareness and Ad Awareness lifts.
Get Started with High Impact Ads on Snapchat

If your brand has yet to get started with high impact ads on Snapchat, check out our Business Help Center to learn more. For the marketers that have started to dip their toes into high impact ads, we recommend they continue to leverage them and optimize according to their learning agendas.  Additionally, testing a Platform Burst media package, which is a high-reach, short-burst tactic that bundles both content (e.g., Snap Ads, Commercials, Story Ads) and creation (e.g., Lens, Filters) ad formats within high-impact placements can be a powerful tool to achieve brands goals.

Snapchat peut contribuer à la croissance de votre entreprise.

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22021 Kantar High Impact Ad Meta-Analysis commissioned by Snap Inc.